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Our suite of blockchain-based digital banking, payments and microcredit services humanizes finance and expands access to capital for the people, companies and projects that need it most.



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During our Seed Projects, the solutions ecosystem designed by Moeda comes to life through the potential to provide more benefits to local communities and promote sustainability as well as entrepreneurial viability. When offering their support, Impact Seeders can monitor the development and the impact of the project and receive a bonus at the end of each project phase.
Seed Project: Sustainable Coffee Phase 2
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Seed Project Craft Beer Fase 3
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VVIDAA: Food Security and Fair Trade
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Seed Project VVIDAA Fase 2
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Seed Project: Sustainable Coffee
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Above all, I want the work done by farmers to be appreciated. Because there is a lot of hardship and it's really important.
Indigenous Chief Ligiane TapajósTapajós, Brazil
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The MoedaPay digital wallet combines convenience, technology, security and, most importantly, more humanized financial relationships with real impact. At MoedaPay, you can manage your cryptocurrencies and make transactions directly using your preferred balance.
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