Get access to funding, business education, and to the market itself

Moeda removes the traditional hurdles that hinder small businesses by offering lower rates and faster access to financial credit.

We deliver technical support, business planning, and easier access to credit.

Accessing credit is just the first step. Moeda goes beyond that by offering each of its entrepreneurs local-level access to business education, suppliers, contacts and the market itself. By combining all networks that collect the initiatives we support, you profit from meaningful content that promotes sustainability for your business and offers you a myriad of training courses.
Network of Suppliers
and contacts
Technical and
managerial training
Simplified checking
ord debit account
Electronic means
of payment

So many ways we can offer you our help

Moeda provides both technical and managerial support to small-scale entrepreneurs. We have a team of experts in the economic, financial, technological, social and environmental areas that are ready to administer professional assistance for the development of the businesses we support.

Advisory services

  • Business plan design
  • Financial feasibility studies
  • Educational business content
  • Technical and managerial training
  • Strategic planning

Working capital

  • Purchase of equipment
  • Production financing
  • Hiring technical experts
  • Corporate expansion
  • Access to markets

Support Network

  • Digital Identification
  • Obtaining credit
  • Support for implementation
  • Specialized mentorships
  • Access to technology

Access to bureaucracy-free funding

The digital world promotes more, efficiency, trust, transparency and faster access to financing for those who don’t currently have the means to acquire it. Entrepreneurs that are not adequately served by existing lines of credit from private banking or by government-subsidized systems can now rely on the Moeda Development business segment to get quicker access to credit with fewer expenses before receiving funding.
Providing accounting
Projects that were funded in 2018
Associated Cooperatives of UNICAFES network
“Above all, I want the work done by farmers to be appreciated. Because there is a lot of hardship and it's really important.”
LourdesChapecó, Brazil

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Social Impact Investments: An innovative way to finance

Moeda breaks down traditional financial obstacles and make it far easier to contribute in small enterprises, providing the small-scale entrepreneurs with the means to support themselves and their communities.