Contribute safely and transparently.

Doing good and making an impact is great business. Moeda has created an ecosystem for you to contribute using the transparency of blockchain in economically sustainable businesses.

Promoting a sustainable economy

A new global reality calls for a new way to think about investments. Through the Moeda Seed Program, Moeda selects projects that promote the UN Sustainable Goals and provides technical support for the development and implementation of these projects to ensure that they are all viable. You will contribute to reducing poverty, inequality and climate threats while promoting local development, women's empowerment and creating sustainable wealth. And wealth always generates wealth.

Our Numbers

Minimum contribution amount
US$ 8,00
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Blockchain technology: transparency throughout the process and security in transactions

Moeda provides the full transparency generated by blockchain for both the contributor and for projects funded by the Moeda Seed Program. The same transparency found in the footprint of cryptocurrency is applied to all the development stages of the projects. Each phase is audited by blockchain, ensuring efficiency and reliability.

Projects open for support

Seed Project: Sustainable Coffee Phase 2
Open for support
Seed Project Craft Beer Fase 3
See project details
VVIDAA: Food Security and Fair Trade
Open for support
Seed Project VVIDAA Fase 2
Open for support

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