Cooperval Craft Beer Fase 2

In 2018, Phase 1 of the Seed Project Craft Beer provided support to the Cooperval Cooperative, boosting their income and making an impact on their community. We designed a Business Plan that made it possible to co-produce a craft beer made of baru - a native chestnut found in the Brazilian region of Formosa, Goias - and its launch was quite successful. For the second phase of the project, we are going to take this experience of co-branding the baru nut craft beer to other impact entrepreneurs. The latest version of the Baru Nut Beer has gained a new production partner, offers brand-new packaging, and features some additional flavor enhancements. Investors in this Seed Project will receive a 10% bonus in MDABRL in January 2020.

Take a look closer at the project
The Baru Beer - a craft brown ale with baru nut - was created, tested, and refined during Phase 1 of the Craft Beer Project. It quickly proved to have a solid commercial appeal in a growing domestic and international market niche. With the success seen thus far, we are going to tap into the great potential of Phase 1 to improve the profit margins on beer sales during Phase 2 with the intention of, ultimately, increasing revenues and the visibility of the communities involved. Our new production partner is the Dádiva Brewery, a brewer that also focuses on impact: the company boasts a larger female employee base than male, its brewing facility produces nearly zero-waste beer, and it is currently applying reverse logistics to recycle packaging materials - among other measures.
Formosa, GO
In order to produce a Brown Ale baru craft beer, Cooperval cooperative needs to organize the processing of its raw material, form partnership with a local brewery, design the packaging and label, carry out inspections, and generate sales.

Why this project needs support?

To augment the packaging and distribution logistics for Baru Beer, gain international visibility, and increase the income of participating impact business ventures.
To organize the processing of ingredients, increase the labor force, partnership with a local brewery, sommeliers, packaging, labeling, marketing, and machinery.

Project Impact

This project fulfills 3 of the Goals for Social and Economic Sustainable Development established by the UN: 9, 10 and 12.

Direct Beneficiaries
22 families

Indirect Beneficiaries
400 people

What phase is this project in?

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Cooperval Craft Beer Fase 2 is at Phase 2 · Delivery of credit to the venture
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Total project cost
55,000.00 BRL
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