Discover a new way to invest supporting local people's growth.

Moeda helps you to invest your cryptocurrencies in highly profitable projects that also create significant socioeconomic impact through supporting sustainable growth for small businesses. Doing good can also be a good business.

Impact investments: a revolutionary business opportunity.

By investing in the selected projects, you are supporting the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. These goals strive to end poverty, protect the planet, and create prosperity for all. You’ll not only be contributing directly towards stories of local empowerment, but you’ll also be creating more wealth – a prosperous cycle in which abundance promotes more abundance.

Return of Investment forecast

Payment Terms

4-24 months

Interest Rates

5-15% annually

Blockchain Technology, transparent processes and secure transactions

Moeda uses blockchain technology to provide full transparency to both investors and the cooperatives being supported. The same transparency found in the footprint of the cryptocurrency is applied to all developmental phases of the projects. Blockchain technology is used to audit each phase, therefore ensuring efficiency, trustworthiness, and transparency.



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