Seed Project Artesaniaas

This project offers support to female artisans from Ceará so they are able to coordinate their production, take part in advisory services with designers, receive Technical Aid and learn more about sustainable practices, create their Business Plans and acquire new markets on an international level. Through this, these guardians of tradition and wisdom are obtaining credit, financial autonomy and developing the regional economy. Investors will receive a 10% MDABRL bonus in March of 2020.

No interior do Ceará, grupos de artesãs usam métodos tradicionais para criar moda e complementar o orçamento. O Projeto Semente Artesaniaas, junto com Catarina Mina, mapeou as diferentes tipologias artesanais e está ajudando as artesãs a se organizarem de modo a ampliar os resultados de seu trabalho, além de transmitir esse conhecimento valioso a novos grupos.
To foster economic autonomy for the female artisans through technical support, establishing a Business Plan, opening new markets, and offering advisory services from renowned designers and Marketing professionals.

Why this project needs support?

The goal is to dispense technical advice for forming these groups, conducting exchanges with designers to prepare the items for the market, draft Business Plans and improve logistics - everything that is needed to establish these women within the Circular Economy. These processes are being applied in cycles that are constantly being monitored and enhanced through apprenticeships, allowing artisans to assume more autonomy over their creations and to broaden their markets. The first cycle introduces a fashion collection produced by Catarina Mina, Moeda and craftswomen from the Seed Project Artesaniaas, and will be made available to buyers throughout the world through the Moeda Marketplace.
Credit, formation of artisan groups, logistics deployment, development of a collection and distribution through online sales platforms.

Project Impact

Moeda offers complete support throughout the project lifecycle: from selecting the finest candidates to assessing the results. Blockchain technology is used to audit each of these phases, ensuring efficiency, reliability and transparency.

What phase is this project in?

Moeda's technical assistance team offers full support throughout each project's entire life cycle: from selecting the best candidates to evaluating results. Blockchain technology is used to audit each of these phases, therefore ensuring efficiency, trustworthiness, and transparency.
Seed Project Artesaniaas is at Phase 1 · Follow up and monitoring
Follow up and monitoring
Total project cost
40,000.00 BRL
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