Copajas: Minimally Processed Foods

Jaraguá do Sul boasts a lively banana crop, but these cultivations are unprofitable and not environmentally friendly. Copajas cooperative pursues alternatives and offers real value to the women through the Minimally Processed Foods. Moeda helps to bring diversity to the cultures and ensure autonomy to the members of the cooperatives.

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Despite being a crop that is native to the region of Jaraguá do Sul, banana plantations are unprofitable and harmful to the environment. One alternative to this situation is establishing the diversity of cultures in the region. With this in mind, the Colonial Flavors Central Cooperative was launched in 2004 and has added value to the female image, directing efforts towards a sustainable, profitable and inclusive development.
Jaraguá do Sul, SC
With current demands from the urban market for healthy, practical and secure foods, this group is updating their structures and processes to provide fresh, sanitized horticultures, greens and vegetables — all peeled and sliced for sale as ready-to-eat salads. Moeda`s support will help in deploying the Minimally Processed Agro-industry, impacting the life of at least 30 producers. The diversity of cultures will bring new sources of income, reduce crop waste, streamline sales logistics and create more autonomy in the management of family businesses.

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Constructing the administrative headquarters and Buying a Vehicle.
Machines and equipment, Marketing Efforts and Technical and managerial training.

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By investing in this project, you`ll have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of at least 30 cooperative farmers. Take a look at the process` progress and see how you can lend your support.

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Moeda's technical assistance team offers full support throughout each project's entire life cycle: from selecting the best candidates to evaluating results. Blockchain technology is used to audit each of these phases, therefore ensuring efficiency, trustworthiness, and transparency.
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