List of Best P2P Crypto Exchanges

P2P crypto exchanges which are also known as peer-to-peer crypto exchanges, are a system that allows investors, sellers, and buyers to carry out trading directly through cryptocurrency. There are certain benefits linked with P2P exchanges. The first and foremost benefit is setting customized prices and access to a wide range of currencies and payment methods.  

Certain factors excite investors and users to join the crypto trading platform/ crypto trading services. The crypto world depends upon transparent cryptocurrency derivatives platforms, smart trading portfolio performance, cryptocurrency traders, more features than traditional exchanges, the better scope of the crypto market in global cryptocurrency trading platform, low transaction fees/ trading fees as compared to a centralized exchange, availability more digital assets that sets a speed for futures trading, low withdrawal fees for trading bitcoin at a peer-to-peer level. 

The present blog deals with all the Top P2P crypto exchanges. These crypto exchanges are analyzed in 2023 for having secure systems, supported marketplaces, low fees, and many more features that directly benefit investors and the cryptocurrency ecosystem.  

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Guide To The Best P2P Crypto Exchange For 2023  

In the proceeding lines, we have enlisted all the P2P crypto Exchanges and the little details for a shorter review of our worthy reader. In the proceeding belong, we have also discussed each crypto exchange individually. Let’s go through these details to get the best possible outcome.  

  1. OK  

OKX is regarded as one of the best P2P crypto exchanges overall. This crypto exchange supports all cryptocurrencies, including Tether, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and USD Coin. This platform is regarded as the best one because this platform does not charge any fee for trading activities. Buyers only must pay for the customized rates set on behalf of sellers. Additionally, a long list of local payment options is also supported internationally. This range includes bank transfers, Western Union, and E-Wallets.  

  1. Binance  

Binance is one of the biggest and largest crypto exchanges globally. It also provides the facility of P2P exchange to its customers. This platform supports almost seven major cryptocurrency kinds, including Tether, Bitcoin, and BnB. BUSD, Cardano and Shiba Inu.  

Bening one of the biggest crypto exchanges, this platform supports other fiat currencies and payment methods. The essential working criterion includes the setting of the trading fee (which is set by the forum) and the setting of the exchange rate (which is set by the seller)/  

  1. KuCoin  

This platform also allows its users to have connections through the ecosystem of P2P. The tokens with have’s support of KuCoin include Bitcoin, Tether, USD Coin, and Ethereum. This crypto exchange is thought to be a little clucky because this crypto exchange has no fee at all. Additionally, a minimal range of payment methods and currencies are supported. Still, KuCoin has become the best P2P crypto exchange because of the working criterion and lowest fee structure.  

  1. Houbi  

This platform offers cryptocurrency exchange and trade in six cryptocurrencies. Additionally, Houbi offers zero commission rates for P2P crypto exchange. The cryptocurrencies allowed to be traded include Ethereum, Bitcoin, Tether, Tron, Huobi Token, and USDD.  

This platform also allows almost 60 local payment methods. This platform provides support and security for all kinds of suspicious activities. In addition to that, this platform also offers E-Wallet transfers and Bank Transfers.  

  1. Paxful  

This globally operating crypto exchange is the specialist service provider. This crypto exchange offers various filters, allowing the buyers to find a perfect seller. The filter range includes the payment types, country region, and required amount. Buying crypto via P2P crypto exchange is offered with zero fees, while one percent is charged from the seller’s side.  

  1. Local Coin Swap  

This platform’s name shows the hidden features in the best possible manner. Local Coin Swap offers support to almost 300 local payment techniques. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, USDC Coin, and DAI are permissible cryptocurrencies. This platform offers zero trading fees, which equally makes Local Coin Swap a feasible option for buyers and sellers.  

  1. By bit  

ByBit is famous for its leverage markets and advanced options for cryptocurrency exchanges. It also offers support to the P2P trading system. The trade on ByBit can be made through Tether, Bitcoin, USD Coin, and Ethereum. Regarding payment methods, it accepts dozens and dozens of payment methods, including MoneyGram, Neteller, PayPal, and local bank transfers.  

  1. Uniswap  

Uniswap is considered the best option for decentralized exchanges. Third-party authentication is not required on this platform. Uniswap also has a protocol that is named an automated market maker. This AMM protocol carries out all the trading activities through liquidity pools. Uniswap does not offer any facility for withdrawals and fiat currencies.  

  1. Bisq  

This peer-to-peer crypto exchange offers the facility of anonymous payments of fiat currencies. The only drawback of this platform is that it only supports Bitcoin. The plus point of this platform is that it can be accessed through Mac Software and Windows. By keeping the various payment methods and currencies, BISQ attracts ample liquidity by supporting payment methods and cryptocurrencies.  

  1. BitValve  

BitValve is an advanced level of P2P exchange. It offers support to multiple cryptocurrencies, which include DogeCoin, Bitcoin, UniSwap, as well as Shiba Inu.This platform provides support to over 300 payment methods. The fee charged on this platform is 0.35 percent for P2P trading. This application can be easily accessed with the help of Android or iOS.  

Before diving into the individual detail session of each crypto exchange, it is better to get the core idea of the P2P crypto Exchange. Let’s go through the details of the P2P exchange. Soon after getting the detailed statement, we will move toward the individual information of the P2P crypto exchange.  

How to define P2P crypto Exchanges/ Peer Peer Crypto Exchange  

Peer-to-peer exchange/ P2P exchanges are cryptocurrency exchanges that offer the trade in cryptocurrency in an interpersonal trade system. The users can operate the marketplaces through an online system, which gives the users their own terms and conditions for the trade.  

P2P platforms also offer a wide range of payment methods, which is not usable in traditional exchange approaches. P2P exchanges also accept local payment methods in certain countries.  

Working Criterion/ Payment Method of Peer To Peer Exchange (decentralized exchanges)  

In this section, we will go through the working criterion of the peer-to-peer exchange. Before getting into the complicated details, let us understand the whole process with the help of a single simple example.  

We assume that a person residing in the UK has one bitcoin (BTC), and he wants to sell this bitcoin. He makes an account on the decentralized exchange (p2p exchange) and lists his BTC for 30k dollars. After that, he accepts the payment method as “UK bank transfer.” Now, all the buyers of bitcoins in the UK can see this price. Buyers who agree with this payment option and price range will buy this BTC. For buying, the buyer will send money into the mentioned bank account of the seller. In return, the seller will transfer one bitcoin to the buyer’s digital wallet.  

Escrow Service As Payment Method 

This is a simplified version illustrating how P2P exchanges work. The first thing to remember in this scenario is the presence of an escrow system as a primary payment method. This escrow system works for the best benefit of both buyers and sellers for a transparent and non-fraudulent trade process.  

When the buyer and seller get their deal done, the buyer adds the required amount into the escrow account as digital tokens. These digital accounts are saved until the seller transfers the required amount/ product into the digital wallet. Once the escrow system confirms the transfer, it automatically transfers the whole/ set amount into the buyer’s account.  

Even with an escrow system as a payment method, the P2P exchange is at risk. The most common scam found at P2P exchanges is that the buyer reports the whole trade as fake and asks for a refund from the escrow system. Scams can be avoided by using reversible methods, including MoneyGram and Western Union.  

Along with scams, certain benefits come along the way. It offers a simplified and secure platform in countries where trading bitcoin, crypto trading at the decentralized exchanges, peer to peer transactions in fiat currencies/ digital assets are prohibited/ not allowed/ difficult. It also benefits users who approve specific payment methods not usually available on traditional platforms. 

Benefits Of Peer To Peer Exchanges  

There are certain benefits that are linked with peer-to-peer exchange. Let’s go through these benefits.  

Payment Methods:  

A comprehensive list of payment methods can be linked with P2P exchange. This is one of the most significant benefits offered only by P2P exchanges. This seamless trading platform provides a variety of global payment methods. This efficient trading environment includes payment through MoneyGram, Western Union, Skrill, PayPal, and Neteller.  

Additionally, these kinds of exchanges are helpful in trading (buying/ selling) fiat currencies through local payment methods. These payment methods include mobile payments and bank transfers as well. The buyers must choose a convenient way that is feasible for transactional purposes.  

A minimal range can be availed if we talk about centralized changes or traditional crypto exchanges. The payment options at the centralized exchanges include wire transfers, credit/ debit cards, selective E-wallets, etc, as fiat payment methods.  

Fast Trading  

The other reason to choose P2P exchange is the faster services.  

  • When any seller/ buyer is online round the clock and wants to sell/buy/ trade Bitcoin immediately, peer-to-peer exchanges offer the best possible result.  
  • When any buyer accepts the offer from the seller’s side, the payments are transferred immediately.  
  • When any seller puts a confirmation regarding the receipt of funds, the crypto is received instantly in the buyer’s account.  
  • The users have the option of withdrawing the cryptocurrency in their digital wallets.  

If we compare the same situation with the conventional crypto trading methods, the transactions/ payments are much slower. The process is dependent upon the authentication.  

Preferable Rates  

The traditional method relies on the order books of conventional style. Maret forces determine the crypto prices. This point ensures fair deals in the market, but this method is suitable for some investors/ traders.  

Trade is all about catching the best fish. Some traders want to charge more for less acceptable payment options, which include mobile transfers. Some investors also like to buy cryptocurrency at a lower price and sell it at a higher price under specific circumstances. If the trade rates are the same for everyone, then no one will be able to benefit from it.  

In peer-to-peer exchanges, the seller and buyers can list their rates. This option makes it easy for investors to profit while living in a secure ecosystem that both buyers and sellers accept.  

Global Usage:  

Peer to peer trade system is an idea under certain circumstances. Certain countries have banned the trade in cryptocurrency entirely. We can list some countries where using/ selling/ buying and trading cryptocurrency is prohibited.  

China, Iraq, Ghana, Bangladesh, and Algeria are some specific countries that have banned cryptocurrency usage. In those countries, P2P exchange offers a prime opportunity for the investors/ users to trade in the cryptocurrency for the best benefit.  

Due to the ban, people feel attracted to peer-to-peer exchange because it offers a secure ecosystem that allows bank transfers to local bank accounts. The central authorities for finance in any country can see the money sent from the buyers to the seller. This way, the money transferred through the P2P exchange will be legal and have no record.  

Escrow System  

As mentioned in the payment section, the protection of the escrow system is one of the most significant benefits because it offers transparent transactions to the users. There is no system of fraud when the required amount is added to the escrow system. The escrow system confirms the safe transfer and sends confirmation to buyers and sellers.  

Total Reviews Of Top 10 Best P2P Crypto Exchanges  

Until then, we have covered all the fundamental information regarding how and why to use P2P crypto exchanges. Now we will explore the top ten best cryptocurrency exchanges which can help investors choose the best cryptocurrency exchange.  

This review is based on these decentralized exchanges’ introduction, working criterion, trading fee, security, and reputation. Let’s go through each of them so that our readers can get the best cryptocurrency exchange for them.  


It is regarded as the best peer-to-peer exchange in the overall system. It gained an immense reputation in 2023. It is backed up by one of the largest global exchanges. This exchange makes up about one billion of trade volume daily.  

Supported Currencies  

This marketplace is best for the six currencies: Ethereum, Bitcoin, USD Coin, Tether, True USD, and DAI.  

Working Criterion  

This exchange supports around one hundred fiat currencies at the global level. The payment methods which get support from OKX are around 900. This crypto exchange has the link to almost everything, from bank transfers to Perfect Money, SWIFT, TransferWise, Revoult, and SEPA. This platform also offers a wide range of filters to get the best seller ideal for their trade purpose.  

OKX offers their users to have search filters for  

  • Type of cryptocurrency  
  • Payment methods  
  • Fiat Currency  
  • The required amount for purchase.  

Payment system  

Using all of these features, it allows the users to have contact with the required sellers. This exchange works as a competitive exchange where the buyer can trade with the seller offering the lowest rate. Sellers can choose the price range they want to work for. Sellers are also at liberty to choose the payment method of their choice.  

After finding a deal of their choice/ making a deal, the seller is informed with the help of a notification. The seller can send the instructions regarding the payment to the buyer, which is deposited in the escrow system of OKX, after getting a confirmation notification of the funds/ receipt. OKX transfers the amounts which are held in the escrow system of OKX.  

Trading Fee  

OKX has placed at the top of the list because it does not charge any fee for P2P exchanges. Buyers must pay for the exchange rates specified by the sellers at the deal’s start. This price depends upon the seller, which can be higher or lower than the market and global prices. This trading platform also has a rating system that works like eBay.  

After the completion of the trade, buyers, and sellers are allowed to exchange feedback. This feedback is public for all users of OKX. This feature enables the traders to be sure about their behavior and conduct during the trade.  

Another positive feature of this platform is that buyers can have their terms and conditions for work. You can understand it with the help of an example—a person who wants to buy bitcoins with 2o thousand through PayPal. If the terms and conditions favor the seller, he may purchase these bitcoins. Additionally, all the users of OKX must provide their Nationally Identity Cards to be verified users. This verification ensures that the ecosystem of OKX is safe and secure for all kinds of users.  

It is one of the best gateways for the emerging market of cryptocurrencies. OKX is also among the top exchanges in the list of Tamadoge (play-to-earn ecosystem for gaming) in 2022.  

Benefits of OKX  

The benefits of OKX are mentioned in the proceeding lines:  

  • It is one of the best P2P crypto exchanges  
  • It does not charge any fee.  
  • It has a safe escrow system which keeps the investments secure.  
  • It has more than one hundred secure and verified payment methods.  
  • It has a proper rating system which increases the platform’s reliability.  
  • All the users are directed to upload the verified documentation for safe use.  

Short Comings Of OKX  

It offers limited access to cryptocurrencies, which is the only drawback of this platform.  


It is one of the most popular exchanges emerging among all the crypto exchanges. It is offering the best possible services to all kinds of investors. It has a strong command over payment methods. It also has certain restrictions for cryptocurrency trading. You can understand it with an example. Vietnamese investors can trade cryptocurrencies through their domestic e-Wallets, I.e., Momo.  

If we talk about the Indian Clients of KuCoin, they also have many payment options. They are prone to options, e.g., UPI, Standard Local Bank Transfers, IMPS, PhonePe, etc.  

Supported Currencies  

KUcoin offers its support to certain significant currencies, which includes GBP. EUR, Bitcoin, Tether, Ethereum, USD Coin, KuCoin, etc.  

Trading Fee  

KuCoin does not charge any fee for its P2P trading. Buyers must pay specific exchange rates set by the seller’s side.  

Advantages Of Using KuCoin  

The advantages of using KuCoin are illustrated in the proceeding lines:  

  • It is regarded as one of the best-decentralized exchanges among all the emerging markets.  
  • It has a wide range of payment options in the crypto markets of Nigeria, Vietnam, and India.  
  • It does not charge any trading fee.  
  • It is well suited for mega and small investors and traders.  


There are a few disadvantages to using KuCoin exchange. One of them is that it offers support to really few cryptocurrencies. The second one is that it could be more explicit regarding its filters. 


It is a decentralized exchange that has customer support 24/7. It is a preferred crypto exchange in Asian countries, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam, the Philippines, etc. It is stated that this platform has five payment options. It supports only five payment methods in total.   

Supported Currencies   

This crypto exchange supports Bitcoin, Tether, Huobi Token, Tron, Ethereum, and USDD.   

Payment Methods   

This payment method is way less than the other crypto exchanges. The payment methods in this crypto exchange include ADV Cash, Perfect Money, Domestic Bank Transfers, Skrill, and Neteller.    

Trading Fees   

This platform does not charge any trading fee from buyers and sellers.   

Working Criteria   

 It offers 24/7 customer support. The teams of Houbi have also made it one of the most secure forms with high liquidity. Though the low range of payment systems and cryptocurrencies is thought of as a loophole in this platform, this feature also makes it one of the most secure platforms compared to others. It is a practical practitioner of anti-fraudulent activities.    

This platform also can detect P2P lists that are suspicious. It also offers a bounty program with a reward system for the users who detect and report suspicious activities and listings on their platform.   

Advantages of using Houbi   

Houbi offers the following benefits to users:   

  • It is one of the leading platforms for Asian traders.   
  • It has no fee system for the sellers and buyers.   
  • This platform offers customer support 24 hours and, seven days a week.   
  • It has a system of rewards through bounty programs for the users who help make this platform secure by reporting fake listings and security breaches.    


Houbi only has the following disadvantages   

  • It supports only 59 payment methods, making payment choices difficult for buyers and sellers, and they are bound to use the given choices.   
  • It has limited filters and a fundamental market that is not advanced compared to other competing marketplaces.    


It is recorded as one of the specialists in P2P crypto exchange. It supports 300 plus payment options. It was launched back in 2015.   

Supported Currencies   

Paxful offers support to only three currencies. These three currencies are Tether, USD Coin, and Bitcoin.   

Working Criterion   

Paxful has given the opportunity of gift cards to its traders. It is estimated that this platform has accepted 130 gift cards from its traders. This range includes iTunes, Amazon, Steam, and eBay. It also offers the best peer-to-peer services for all kinds of beginners. It owns a user-friendly website and a variety of filters, making it a suitable match for all kinds of usage.   

In this platform, buyers are free to use any fiat currency, any amount, the payment method they choose, and any cryptocurrency they require. It is considered less competitive than its other competitors in terms of payments and fee structure.    

Trading Fee   

Trading on Paxful has zero fees. Some payment options require a tax of around one percent; otherwise, there is no fee for P2P crypto trading on this platform.    

Payment Methods   

Paxful offers support to 350 plus payment methods. This platform includes all payment methods, from Apple Pay to PayPal, Skrill, and Bank Transfers to M-pesa and Venmo.   

Advantages Of Using Paxful   

Paxful has the following advantages:   

  • It is one of the recently launched cryptocurrency exchanges with the lowest competition.   
  • It accepts more than 300 payment methods. Gifts are apart from this range.   
  • Buyers have the liberty to do trading without any fee.   

Disadvantages Of Using Paxful   

Paxful has the following disadvantages:   

  • This platform supports only three cryptocurrencies.   
  • This cryptocurrency exchange charges only one percent of the fee from the sellers, which is the lowest fee rate charged by the sellers by any cryptocurrency exchange.    

Local Coin Swap   

This is one of the most user-friendly cryptocurrency exchanges. Local Coin Swap offers support to almost 20 cryptocurrencies.    

Supported cryptocurrencies   

This cryptocurrency exchange supports Ethereum, Bitcoin, USD Coin, Tether, DAI, BnB, BUSD, Torn, and many more.   

Working Criterion   

It is the only cryptocurrency exchange offering a wide range of payment and cryptocurrency options. It offers a real user-friendly dashboard for beginners. This dashboard makes it easy for buyers and sellers to find the best deals using filters. It also offers a rating system that is fully fledged. This rating system has sellers’ and buyers’ reviews, making it one of the most transparent cryptocurrency exchanges.   

Payment methods   

It provides the opportunity of using around 300 plus payment types. This range includes a wide range of e-Wallets as well. Payment methods on Local Coin Swap include Web-Money, Yoo-Money, We-Chat, and various bank account options (regional, local, national, and global), including SWIFT, SEPA, IMPS, PayID, and Interac.    

Trading Fee   

Local Coin Swap does not charge any fee for peer-to-peer trading on its platform. All the traders who complete their deals must pay a one percent tax on the trade amount.    


Local Coin Swap offers the following benefits to its users:   

  • It offers a user-friendly experience by offering 20 plus cryptocurrencies.   
  • It has 300 plus payment methods, which include a wide range of bank transfers and e-wallets.   
  • It has no maker-taker fee.   
  • It is a system that offers public reviews, which increases its transparency.    


There are the following disadvantages of using local coin swap:   

  • This platform charges a one percent fee on deal completion.   
  • It offers really limited tools for scam preventio 


It is one of the best peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchanges for traders who use cryptocurrency exchanges regularly. This is best reputed for the margin trading accounts. These margin trading accounts offer 100x leverage access to their traders. Spot trading leverage is around 10x on this platform. Additionally, this platform offers the lowest rates for commission in the whole cryptocurrency space.   

This whole phenomenon can be explained with the help of an example. The spot trading rate in the overall cryptocurrency space is around 0.1 percent. The percentage for futures contracts and leveraged perpetual is approximately 0.6 percent.   

Supported Cryptocurrencies  

BayBit supports four cryptocurrencies in total. These four cryptocurrencies include Ethereum, Bitcoin, USD Coin, and Tether.  

Working Criterion And Payment Methods  

Its working criteria include a wide range of payment methods, including almost every possible payment method ranging from Skrill, PayPal, Wise, Yandex, Payoneer, and Paysera.   

This platform also offers its customers one of the best and lowest rates. A wide range of customers offers USDT for only one dollar. It is one of the most convenient markets for both buyers and sellers.   

Trading Fee  

The cryptocurrency platform charges no trading fee. The sellers settle down the pricing system on this platform.  


The BayBit has the following advantages:  

  • It is one of the best peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchanges for leveraged trading cryptocurrencies.  
  • It does not charge any fee from the traders.  
  • There is a wide range of currencies and payment methods that are supported.  
  • There is quite a low trading commission on this platform.  


There is only one disadvantage of using BayBit, which is the lowest range of supported cryptocurrencies. This platform only supports only four cryptocurrencies.   


It is one of the most famous decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges, which supports crypto trading at a broad level. This operation of this cryptocurrency exchange does not involve any.   

Supported Cryptocurrencies  

Most of the trade done on this platform is through the Ethereum network.   

Working Criterion  

The working criterion of this cryptocurrency exchange works for peer-to-peer networking. There is no intermediaries or third-party authentication system.  

Users can trade, buy and sell cryptocurrency quite anonymously. Additionally, this cryptocurrency exchange does not require traders to be present now for token swapping.   

Uniswap is regarded as the king of the AMM framework. This automated market maker allows buyers and sellers to use liquidity pools for swapping tokens. This is one of the most private, cost-effective, and efficient methods of trading, buying, and selling digital assets in any cryptocurrency environment.  

Uniswap is one of the promising lending exchanges. If traders lend cryptocurrencies to the liquidity pools of Uniswap, it will yield passive income streams. This is because lenders always keep some portion of the trading fee that is generated from the pool.   

Payment Methods  

The only payment method that is approved on this platform is through cryptocurrencies. This platform does not approve any other payment method.   

Trading Fee  

The automated matchmaker liquidity pools finalize the trading fee. For peer-to-peer trading, the trading fee is around 0.3 percent.  


  • It is one of the best peer-lending cryptocurrency platforms.  
  • It is best for liquidity farming.  
  • It offers an anonymous trading facility, meaning a KYC process or information verification is unnecessary.  
  • It is of completely decentralized exchange. It used a smart contract system instead of the escrow system in a centralized network.  


  • It does not support any of the fiat payment options.  


BISQ also offers an anonymous trading option, which makes it one of the best cryptocurrency platforms. It is one of the unique cryptocurrency exchanges. Supported Cryptocurrencies  

Supported Cryptocurrency  

BISQ only supports Bitcoin.  

Working Criterion  

This uniqueness is due to the open-sourced approach for P2P trading sessions. It is unlike the other cryptocurrency exchanges because the sellers and buyers must run the desktop software on their respective servers. 

This crypto exchange is suitable for MAC and Windows. After installation, intermediaries are not required to connect buyers and sellers.There is no requirement for the opening of an account. An investor does not have to use any document for the verification. 

The platform offers anonymity, but it comes with certain risks. One of the biggest risks of this anonymity is that there is a really limited system of resolution in case of fraudulent activity from any party. Payment methods are also in fiat currency, reducing the risk of fraudulent activities on this platform.  

Payment Methods  

This platform offers payments through fiat currencies. For carrying out a deal, both parties must deposit some fraction of the total amount as a token of security.   

Trading Fee  

The trading fee is 0.7 percent for marketers and 0.1 percent for sellers. The sellers settle down the pricing system.  


  • This platform is the best P2P crypto exchange that offers privacy.  
  • It does not require personal information and is decentralized and open-sourced.  
  • It permits users to use fiat currencies without any third-party authentication.  
  • It can be downloaded with any publicly used software.  


  • The support of this cryptocurrency is only limited to Bitcoin.  
  • There are certain security threats linked with this platform.  
  • It owns one of the highest commission fees for traders.  


It is one of the smoothest crypto exchanges for the countries where crypto trading is banned or restricted.   

Supported Cryptocurrencies  

There is a long list of cryptocurrencies that gets the support of this crypto exchange. This platform uses Bitcoin and many other best altcoins, which are the apple of the eyes of the masses.  

Working Criterion  

We have previously discussed that certain countries have restricted the use of cryptocurrency entirely in their country. With the help of BitValve, traders living in restricted countries can get their payments from their local banks.   

Payment Methods  

This platform offers almost every kind of payment, which ranges from global payments to fiat currencies and bank transfers to mobile payment systems.  

Trading Fee  

The trading fee for this platform varies from seller to buyer. This platform charges 0.35 percent of crypto to the person who presents the offer. The sellers settle the prices. Crypto to crypto trade is way cheaper on this platform, around 0.35 percent.  


  • This platform offers support to the meme coins as well.  
  • It is well suited for restricted countries.  
  • It is available on the mobile applications of Android and iOS.  


  • It has a market price of 0.8 percent.  
  • It offers limited guidance and customer support.