Moeda connects mission-driven investors with community-owned enterprises.

We promote sustainable growth for cooperatives that normally do not have access to loans and business development tools. They prosper, the investors earn income, and everyone wins. See how easy it is to participate.

Moeda’s platform is a safe environment that places entrepreneurs without easy access to traditional financing tools on a faster track to meeting their investment needs. In addition to financial resources, they are offered the opportunity to exchange knowledge, resources, and their experiences when carrying out collective actions.

The use of blockchain and cryptocurrency promotes security and total transparency with every investment made. By breaking down traditional financial obstacles, we make it far easier to invest in small enterprises and cooperatives, providing them with the means to support themselves and their communities.
Entrepreneurs initiating a social impact project can submit it to Moeda and receive both business and financial support.
Investors and supporters of social causes invest securely in promising projects and collect the returns from their investments with transparency.
Our Seed Projects
Seeding is not just about fostering, but also keeping track of all stages throughout the process, offering family farmers technical support as well as designing strategies so they can successfully reap the fruits of their hard work.
I just want to see some appreciation and recognition for the labor that small farmers do. The work is grueling, but really important.
Chapecó, BrazilMs Lourdes
Moeda is proud to work with the following partners:
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Moeda Seeds App
The Moeda Seeds app is a straightforward and user-friendly tool that was developed for investors and entrepreneurs under funding. It allows you to invest, access useful information, and establish relationships directly from your mobile phone or tablet.

Moeda’s Journey

March, 2017
Moeda is founded.
March, 2017
Taynaah Reis, SDG Blockchain Hackathon’s host, invited the winner team to join Moeda.
April, 2017
Alpha version of the App is developed by Taynaah Reis.
May, 2017
Moeda partner with UNICAFES to join efforts to provide technical assistance to the Moeda Seed Projects and to bring it’s network of 1.100 cooperatives onboard.
June, 2017
Moeda opens it’s holding company on Uruguai, an innovative legal structure, the first blockchain company on Free Trade Zone.
August, 2017
ICO – Moeda raises on private sales 20M dollars in 2 weeks.
September, 2017
CEO, Taynaah Reis joins the Brazilian Congress special commission on regulation of virtual currencies to define the future of cryptocurrencies in Brazil.
September, 2017
The Brazilian Central Bank acknowledges our business model on national live TV.
September, 2017
Moeda token is listed on Binance, top 10 exchange in the world.
October, 2017
CEO presents Moeda at the United Nations General Assembly, SDG Impact Zone.
October, 2017
Moeda finances the first Farmers production in Brazil.
October, 2017
CEO introduces Moeda to Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Prize, the "father of microcredit" and the Grameen Bank.
October, 2017
CEO is featured on FORBES as the most 12 innovative young leaders to watch and learn from.
November, 2017
CEO validades Moeda business model with UN leaders, policy makers and academia at the Graduate Institute of Geneva.
November, 2017
Moeda launches at the UN COP23 the Blockchain Initiative on Climate change to track and measure project commitments.
November, 2017
Moeda launches in China at the Microsoft Blockchain and Industry Global Conference.
November, 2017
Taynaah launched Moeda at the ICA International Cooperative Alliance Conference, the first cryptocurrency for cooperatives in the world.
January, 2018
Moeda launches in Europe in Davos at World Economic Forum.
February, 2018
Moeda system architecture is deployed. Compliance and administrative system is ready for submit, track and evaluate Moeda Seed Projects.
April, 2018
Taynaah gives a TEDx Talk about Moeda. Blockchain – The Revolution of Trust.
June, 2018
CRESOL Bank revolving fund is structured and ready to finance 18 projects.
June, 2018
Moeda’s Blockchain Projects audit log is deployed on IBM hyperledger fabric composer. Projects can be tracked with transparency.
July, 2018
Moeda’s BRL fiat pegged token is deployed and ready to use on Moeda ecosystem.
August, 2018
Digital Account and Wallet will be released for the public.
September, 2018
Peer-to-peer Payments features will be released for the public.
October, 2018
Moeda Debit Card features will be released for the public.
November, 2018
Massive Marketing Campaign with influencers will take place for download the App.
Latin America expansion.
Global expansion.
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Moeda is ready to help investors and cooperatives
Moeda experts are prepared to help and guide investors seeking to invest in causes that have a real social impact, along with small-scale entrepreneurs in need of support to grow their businesses.
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I support and wish to invest my cryptocurrencies in projects that create impact and promote sustainable growth for small-scale entrepreneurs and their local communities.
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I'm a cooperative
I am an associate of a Brazilian family-farming cooperative and I would like to expand my business having access to a funding that reflects my reality.
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