10 Popular Cryptocurrencies to Invest & Buy Now

This blog deals with cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is one of the topics which has aroused curiosity and suspense among the people. The essential thing that has made people mad is that it can make them rich overnight. The fairy tales linked with the platform have gained more hype than the actual currency. 

Certain things should be kept in mind before investing in the crypto market. Like any other trading platform, cryptocurrency is also a trading platform that offers the same services differently. 

The trade, receiving, and sending of cash is in digital coins, which means that there is no concept of physical cash linked with this market. This is where many people get misconceptions and mislead by this cryptocurrency. 

Fundamental Differences Among Physical Market and Crypto Market

The only understandable thing about this currency in over-simplified manner is that instead of physical cash, this platform has digital currency in the shape of coins and tokens. 

There is also a difference between physical coins and digital coins. In the material World, the coin is of the most negligible value. On the contrary, a crypto coin has a maximum value on digital platforms, which can go in millions.  

Another thing about cryptocurrency that needs to be clarified is that people assume they can have the whole coin in just one go. The thing is the opposite.

The coins of digital platforms have fractions (parts) due to their high value. This is the convenience of the investors. This means that the people who cannot afford to buy the whole coin yet want to invest can invest in fractions of cryptocurrency. 

Example Of Bitcoin

Let us understand it with an example. If we take Bitcoin as an example, it will favor the reader more. When Bitcoin was in its initial stage, its price was low, meaning that a person could own many bitcoins. With the passage of time, bitcoin’s price hiked and became unaffordable for the ordinary or new crypto investor.

Still, many people wanted to jump on the bandwagon of crypto investments, so the issue was resolved by dividing Bitcoin into parts. Now every piece has a particular value. If crypto investors pay that much price, the fraction/ part of the bitcoin becomes their property.  

As mentioned, this was the over-simplified version of Bitcoin and its working criterion. Now, we will make the complex part easier to understand the crypto investors. 

The initial problem at the start of Bitcoin was that people who own Bitcoins could copy it like any ordinary computer file. This was the loss of the Bitcoin company. This problem was solved in a legal way that a Bitcoin has one owner.

Check the facts about Bitcoin!

When an investor buys a fraction, the owner provides the owners to the investor by allotting a new link to the coin, which can be accessed by the crypto investor only, yet, the owner also has the information regarding the bitcoin.

The link of original and sold bitcoin fractions is entirely different yet intricately linked with one another so that, in case of loss of wallet or theft, the whole activity of purchase, sale, and transactions can be determined by the authorities.  

Take the example of the original Bitcoin having a number/ link, “Hgedo.” The link of a fraction will be Hgedo65. If the investor sells bitcoin, the number of that bitcoin will alter to Hgedo6598, and the cycle continues. The method would be simple if we want to trace back the Bitcoin history. We must find the owner, and the rest of the transaction will be a piece of cake.  

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The present blog is about the list of currencies that are best to buy now. Like the traditional trade market, many crypto projects are going on in the crypto market. The investors must catch the crypto project that is in his favor. Various cryptocurrencies have different tasks and trades going on.

In the proceeding lines, we have illustrated a list of cryptocurrencies that can be bought for the best business and transactional experience. 

Crypto projects using Blockchain Technology in Crypto Market 

There are some series of events which had astonished investors to the extent that the existence and future of cryptocurrency are at stake. The downfall of the crypto market has given rise to the bear market, which continued for a longer period than expected.  

There are numerous reasons behind this downfall. Many economic conditions have global side effects. The war between Russia and Ukraine is one of those reasons. Another reason is the spontaneous and unexpected rise in the interest rates, mismanagement of Crypto Exchanges such as FTX, and the collapse of Terraform Labs, etc.  

Some strongest signs of a rebound are demonstrated in 2023; the crucial elements suggest the crypto investor should remain cautious with investments in digital assets. Risk management, tolerance level to bear the loss and thorough research are always recommended before diving into the cryptocurrency market.  

This recommendation is always offered because cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, meaning the crypto can suddenly have ups and downs. The problem is not just with the new cryptocurrencies but old and furnished ones like Bitcoin. Bitcoin has seen a sudden downfall that lasted for 18 months and was unpredictable and impulsive.

In the proceeding lines, we have collected the cryptocurrencies which have the potential to earn the best benefits in the long run for crypto investors.  

The meme coins  

In the category of meme coins, two primary categories are famous and in trend, having many more crypto projects in cryptocurrency markets.  

The first famous meme coin is Wall Street Memes.  

The second meme coin in the market is Ai Doge.  

Before getting started with the topic, knowing what a meme coin is is mandatory. A meme coin is the kind of cryptocurrency that offers crypto rewards for sharing memes that have become a popular trend. These platforms provide bonuses in the form of native tokens.   

These cryptocurrency markets have a fiat currency, which works through smart contracts and enables users to earn crypto rewards by sharing and inventing memes. There is a system through which the memes are made famous and favored by public choices and opinions. Let’s go through the detail of each of these memes.  

The Wall Street Memes  

This meme coin is presented as one of the best coins to buy for overall results. This wall street meme coin has its native coin, $WSM. This mem coin works on the blockchain of the Ethereum NFTs collection.   

The first launch of Ethereum was its NFTs which get sold within 30 minutes of its launch in 2021. The team of this crypto platform has made great efforts to keep it UpToDate as per the market trends.

These market trends Ordinal NFTs of bitcoin. This crypto has prepared all its essential work for the launch of meme coin, which will perform as one of the best crypto assets within a few months.  

The presale of the Wall Street Meme coin has already started with an initial price of 0.0293 dollars. This price is on the 12th stage of 30. A definite risk factor is involved in the presale; however, the trend of community backing is the saving factor that saves the currency in the long run.   

According to recent estimates, the fan following of Wall Street Meme is around one million across the globe on all five major media platforms. The community of Wall Street Meme is one of the firm names with brand recognition and crypto space.   

Revenue In The Presales

In the first 24 hours of its presale, the revenue was around 300k dollars. This revenue increased, and I got an investment of 6.5 million dollars within the first two weeks of working. Wall Street Meme coin has revealed the high levels of interest shown from the investor’s side.

This Meme coin has had a significant effect on the economy of the crypto space. Globally, an eminent figure such as Elon Musk has also congratulated and talked to the official Wall Street Meme page on the Twitter platform.   

This digital asset is also famous for having the most significant community for its backing. This platform has captured the attention of all the major cryptocurrency exchanges across the globe, including ByBit and Binance.  

The airdrop of around 50 thousand dollars was run down for the celebration of the presale of the Wall Street Meme Coin. This airdrop has also been eligible for the users of social media platforms linked with Wall Street Meme, including Discord.   

The sum of the market cap of Wall Street Meme is 2 billion dollars.

The distribution of this mega capital is mentioned below  

  • Fifty percent is allotted to resales.  
  • Thirty percent is fixed for the community rewards.  
  • Twenty percent is fixed for increasing liquidity.  
  • One hundred percent of Wall Street Meme is allotted for community affairs.   
  • There are no chances of any fraudulent activity in Wall Street Meme Coin because no budget has been fixed for the team members.  
  • The total number of tokens available in this meme coins is around 2 billion. One billion tickets were available in the presales.  
  • The hard capital of this native cryptocurrency is around 3 Crore, fifty-seven lakhs, and seven thousand.  
  • These blockchain networks enable transactions in native cryptocurrency but allow cryptocurrency projects to be bought with Ether, BNB, USTD, and bank cards.    


The second name is one of the favorite ones of crypto investors because this is a unique blend of AI technology and Memes. This is the second one on the list of meme coins available for being the best crypto to buy.  

The intervention period of this cryptocurrency is the initial months of 2023. This currency is the favorite one of investors because it has equal advantages for both fields, including AI projects and Meme coins.  

The native coin of this best crypto is AiDoge, named after a famous meme of a dog that prevailed in 2019. This is one of the renowned meme coins, invented as a joke but surprisingly became one of the leading digital assets.  

Features And Benefits Of AiDoge

The unique factor of this coin is that this is a brand new crypto project that combines two favorite niches. This coin will offer huge gains in crypto by showing huge revenue in its presale. The first revenue was generated within four weeks, which collected 14.9 million dollars. This currency has $AI tokens set for the IEOs till 19 June.  

Another benefit of this cryptocurrency is the introduction of Open AI with the name ChatGPT. This open AI facilitates almost all fields of life and will have a market worth 200 billion dollars in 2034. The revenue of available AI is expected to grow about 20 percent, increasing to 2 trillion dollars in the present decade. 

In the first half of 2023, other AI coins include Fetch. Ai and Singularity. NET has shown a rapid growth of 270 and 660 percent. Some investors have surely missed the opportunity to invest in the new media platform that will benefit these AI-powered Cryptocurrencies because, later on, these AI coins will extract the full advantage of their popularity and momentum.  

Another benefit of AI-generated Meme Coins is that these platforms offer text-based and meme-based prompts. The meme coins are used for generating the credits to purchase professional-level services of these AI-generated platforms. 

Another aspect that we have illustrated at the start of this topic, we have demonstrated that these meme platforms offer users options for showing interest in the presented memes. For liking the meme, there is an option of upvoting. For showing disinterest, there is an option of downvote.

The memes which win the competitions are blessed with token rewards in the $AI. These tokens can be later used in the prescribed platforms for other purposes.  

Market Capitalization

The total market cap is estimated to be one trillion. Fifty percent of this amount is allotted for the presale, while the rest is fixed for community affairs. 

The details of the team are unknown. The nature of meme coins is more speculative as the inventors and creators remain anonymous. The only benefit these coins offer is the high rate of turnover.  

These coins are as volatile as any other cryptocurrency. The directions regarding managing risk factors and tolerance levels remain the same as for other cryptocurrencies.  

Certain checks the audit routine for using quality intelligent contracts for this meme coin. The feature of this coin which makes investors quite uncertain and anxious is the vesting period which constitutes ten years for the more significant portions of tokens.


The third currency in this list is known as EcoTarra. This is a currency more famous for sustainable individual and business growth projects. This cryptocurrency exchange has many more projects which are getting broader with the addition of technology.

Many novel and innovative concepts are being introduced simultaneously to demonstrate how cryptocurrency can potentially improve the World. To create positive alterations, the adoption of technology and novel cryptocurrency ideas must be added to the industries at both traditional and crypto markets.

This crypto is a novel idea-based platform that aims to improve the World. This crypto has the ambition of fighting against climate change. Ecotarra offers an innovative ecosystem that has the potential to save the Earth’s environment from adverse and hazardous effects.

There are a number of marketplaces and applications of Ecotarra that contribute to the establishment of a composed environment that can motivate investors to take action to reverse climate change.

This decentralized cryptocurrency exchange offers handsome earnings for all the items the users recycle. This means that all the things which users reclaim will give them benefits in financial terms. In this way, these decentralized cryptocurrency applications offer recycling to earn all its users’ abilities.

All the items being recycled offer tokens as rewards. These rewards can generate more applications, projects, and initiatives, which can help renew and clean up campaigns for doing more new energy projects.

EcoTarra also offers the purchasing of carbon credits which helps remove carbon Dioxide from the Earth’s environment. After taking initiatives and completing them, the users add those actions and completion remarks to their profiles, which makes it easier for companies to search for eligible users by tracking their profiles for the following projects and trends.

Users can sell their impact packages to the companies that hire them for climate change projects. These impact packages range from practical cleaning actions to the search and availability of different materials to help reduce the hazardous effects on the environment. The users’ primary motive is to maintain sustainable efforts for making a desirable change.

There are two prime features of this platform

The first is the recycling of materials, while the second is the offset of carbon.

The carbon offset enables the crypto community and investors to use Ecotarra crypto tokens to counter carbon outputs. With the help of high global standards and verified projects, this whole process is completed. These projects result in achieving the required outcomes, which helps in the transformation of NFTs.

The location of recycled material is traced out by the market paces, which contact with the recyclers for performing different functions.

A simple example can help us understand this whole process. If the top market trend of Ecotarra is that sea pollution should be removed, then there will be many users who will take part in this project. They will do practical steps like cleaning and recycling materials found in the polluted sea coasts.

These users make videos, pictures, and a graph of statistics showing how their efforts are getting fruitful. After completing the required topic, the whole process is updated on this decentralized application with proofs. The project winners get rewards for their actions for following the decentralized protocols.

Working Criterion

Now the actual game begins. The recyclers will have the waste material, and the companies will locate them by making contracts for recycling other waste products into some useable and environmentally friendly products.

Users will have rewards for their actions while the companies will be able to locate those users along with recyclers’. This process goes on by making a whole team of individuals who can work hand in hand for a better environment on Earth.

Ecotarra has a revenue of 5 million dollars at the time of the presale launch. It has a decentralized blockchain network and supports smart contracts. The offer of earning 5 percent US dollars was also put forward for referring this platform to other people. It has low transaction fees, which makes it one of the best crypto coins and the best crypto to buy.


The following decentralized finance on the list of fiat currencies is predicted. These decentralized applications are maximizing the earning potential of AI trading tools.

This is regarded as one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in because this crypto’s working criterion helps investors earn more and more money. AI Doge benefits the company and cryptocurrency, compromising the security of the invested capital, but this platform works opposite to AIDoge. 

This platform works by conducting research and analysis powered by AI tools. The obtained data offers insights that help investors opt for better choices in the cryptocurrency market.  

This decentralized protocol has used artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the expertise of investors and knowledgeable persons. The AI-powered tools help traders use complex algorithms to carry out 80% of their research.  

Features if YPredict

Using AI-powered marketplaces and predictive models helps eliminate the noise from the crypto market. This also allows the investors to trade with more clarity in decisions. It is also helpful in statistical edge as compared to other investors.  

Other promising features are not available on any other AI-powered platforms. These features include sentimental analysis, recognition of patterns, indicator analysis, and analysis of transactions. This blockchain platform helps crypto investors and developers put forward their AI-powered predictive models on this open AI platform.  

The native coin for this cryptocurrency is $YPRED. This digital token is at stage 6. The presale of this innovative contract technology has gathered a revenue of 2.2 million dollars. Market capitalization also has a wide range of utilities. There is a three-tier model which helps the developers in getting rewards. This platform mentions These three tiers as free, active, and pro.  

The presale of yPredict has more stages to go. The estimated stages of yPredict are recorded as 4. The expected price increase per digital coin is around 33.3 percent. The current market price for the presale is from 0.09 to 0.12 dollars.

Fundamental Characteristics of this digital asset are illustrated in the proceeding lines 

  • The market capitalization of the fiat currency is 1 billion dollars. 
  • Eighty percent of the total revenue was generated during the presale season. 
  • The hard capital of this digital asset is around 6.5 million dollars. 
  • The 50 TGE unlock is done for the presale tokens.  
  • The polygon used for building this platform is efficient and fastest.  
  • The development of this platform has the contribution of KYC and DOXXED verified teams. 
  • This currency supports smart contracts. 
  • The audit team of this digital asset consists of consult. 
  • The presale of this digital asset can be done using Ether, USTD and bank cards, etc.  
  • The hard capital of this cryptocurrency market is 65 million dollars.  


The next cryptocurrency in this list is DeeLance. Freelance is one of the best cryptos to buy now because it has the lowest transaction fee and the fastest payments offered through the decentralized freelancing portals.  

This cryptocurrency uses a fully decentralized network equal to recruiters and freelancers. The unveiling of the Web3-based program of this platform has made the connections between employers and freelancers easier, more efficient, and super-fast. 

This cryptocurrency aims to use this decentralized platform to unite the small communities existing in the metaverse, which helps collaborate with traders, companies, buyers, sellers, and freelancers.

The other helpful features are exchanging ideas, establishing enduring relationships, networking, and collaboration. There is also the NFT market which helps in quick transactions using the native token of this currency which is known as $DLANCE.

The traders can purchase this currency at a discounted price range of up to 0.38 dollars at stage 4. At the launch of an affiliate program of $DLANCE, the market capitalization raised to 1.3 million dollars. The price increase in the $DLANCE is expected to be 31.4 percent. At the time of writing, the price per $DLANCE is 0.050 dollars. 

Freelancing and $DLANCE

The present era is all about digital earnings. Various people are earning their livelihood through the gigs presented at online forums. The problem that is usually faced by freelancers trying to make their livelihood through online forums is that they are forced to pay a high fee, which is estimated to be up to 30 percent.  

Every application used for fetching and storing the earned dollars will charge a fee, leaving the freelancers a little margin of profit. $DLANCE has addressed this issue efficiently and effectively. This platform has offered the transaction of $DLANCE without any third-party interference.

Using this platform, users can pay a minimal fee of up to 2 percent and keep on with their work with no hidden and third-party charges. 

According to the press news of $DLANCE, this platform has no compromising security like meme coin. This platform ensures the prevention of bottlenecks by using an escrow system that protects the employer’s funds, investments, and other dues until the expected duration of work approaches. Smart contracts are used to resolve disputes occurring in the mechanism of $DLANCE. 

Features of $DLANCE

In addition, the freelancers are also enabled to use the $DLANCE to bypass commission rates, prompt payments, and the challenges of currency exchange. The NFT functionality is integrated into the system, ensuring that the buyers have complete ownership of the projects completed and delivered by the buyers.  

$DLANCE is the currency that can alter the freelancing landscape. This also permanently benefits the global remote workers. Many more projects are streamlined to ensure the right talent has an approach to suitable projects.

$DLANCE allows freelancers to approach new clients without wasting much of their income on fees and third-party authentication. This platform also enables freelancers to retrain from unjustified bans by the automated system. 

The primary aim of $DLANCE is to offer a high-quality field for individuals with talent and exposure. This platform also holds a feature for interaction. The ongoing projects are enabled to be monitored by the freelancers and buyers. The communication element is also included in the whole scenario of the p platform to make it better for future projects.  

The primary attitude of many freelancers is quite bullying on the $DLANCE which shows that this cryptocurrency is transparent and is not aimed at doing fraudulent activities. The future projects will also demonstrate the $DLANCE price predictions. 

There is also a promotion offer for the winners of the projects. The price of this crypto reward is $DLANCE worth one lakh dollars. There is a telegram group of $DLANCE which keeps posted updates regarding the cryptocurrency market and its current projects along with the latest news.  

The prominent characteristics of $DLANCE include the following 

  • The hard market capitalization is sixty lakh dollars. 
  • The total number of tokens is one million. 
  • The number of tokens available in the market is thirty crores. 
  • This currency can be purchased with the help of Ethereum and USTD.  

LaunchPad XYZ

The next best cryptocurrency to invest in decentralized exchange is known as LaunchPad XYZ. This crypto industry is at the first stage of its presale in the blockchain space. The protocols of this platform are designed by the highly experienced team offering a one-stop solution for Web3 Users. This blockchain space aims to provide quick access for investors and users onboard.  

The newbies are usually overwhelmed by the quantity of information required for successful navigation in the crypto space. The first difficulty is in the process of buying tokens. The newbies have to face the question of how to buy a car with Bitcoin and much more.

Additionally, many new tools, their access, handling, and navigation through the marketplaces, websites, and different dictionaries of automated market makers, virtual real estate, and innovative contract technology are alien to investors and users.  

It is a point of no surprise that gaining access with perfect for successful navigation takes time. It has never been a piece of cake. It is an air castle that can be built over time. The massive investment will only save you from going bankrupt if the proper knowledge is acquired through mass adoption.  


The native cryptocurrency of Launchpad XYZ is $LPX. $LPX offers a singular portal for access to all Web3 parts, technical knowledge, tutorials, and live data, which provides an unbiased path for the NFTs and crypto gaming while acting as a bridge between Web3 and Web2.  

It is also KYC and Doxxed verified. The professional team of developers has designed this platform to have features that can be delivered by late 2024 by the other cryptocurrencies according to the roadmap of $LPX. 

$LPX is required to access some features presented on this platform. This digital currency has its presale launch just now. The total revenue of presale is 9 lakh and 50 thousand dollars.  

The salient features of this cryptocurrency are mentioned in the proceeding lines 

  • The current sale price of $LPX is 0.0445 dollars for being on the second stage of the presale round. 
  • The expected price increase is one hundred percent, meaning the hard cap will be around 12.5 million dollars without any vesting time period. 
  • Among this price range, the 25 percent, estimated to be 250 million dollars worth $ of LPX, are kept for the presale.  
  • There is also a telegram group for this platform. You can get the latest cryptocurrency and $LPX news on this platform.  
  • This platform allows the purchase of $LPX with BNB, USTD, and Ether. 
  • The hard capital of $LPX is one crore and 25 lakhs dollars.


The name in this list is Chimpzee. This crypto is best known green crypto to buy now. This crypto is dedicated to the security of wild like and climate changes. This is the very reason this crypto is known to be green crypto. 

It is regarded as one of the innovative projects that entered the market the following year. The fundamental ambition of this currency is to tackle the prevailing alarming condition of deforestation. This is one of its kinds of crypto, which has an incentivization model. 

The prediction of one million species of different animals and plants is forward, which is near extinction. There is a dire need to put more conscious and practical efforts into the regeneration of forests. Reasonable steps should be taken to understand climate change. 

It should be made clear that climate change and wildlife destruction are interrelated. The extinction of wildlife is related to climate change. The continuous changes in the climate make the inhabitants unbearable for the wildlife, leading to extinction. 

On the other hand, wildlife plays an integral part in maintaining climate change. Deforestation is making insufficient inhabitants, which is killing wildlife. In addition to this, excessive hunting is also a fundamental cause of wildlife extinction.

If we consider these issues red alerts and work on this condition, we can improve Earth’s environment. The adverse climate changes are directly related to the extinction of human beings as well.  

This currency aims to make everyone conscious, and practical steps should be taken at the grass root level. The kids at school must also be mindful of the severity of this issue. 

Chimpzee is the tool that uses the blockchain as a practical tool for the Worldwide coordination of climate action. Initially, the total donation was around ten percent of the coin’s supply for this cause.  

Organizations like The Wild Foundation, One-Tree-Planted, and The-Giving-Block are working with Chimpzee to improve the environment.  

Several campaigns are forwarded by this crypto which includes passive rewards as well. The involvement in the three-pillared ecosystems of this cryptocurrency can earn attractive rewards.  

The Chimpzee Shop

There is a share of the generated profit, which is donated to the allied financial institutions. Being an investor or user, if you support this mission, the reward of CHMPZ coins is all yours. 

NFT marketplace of Chimpzee: 

The trading and earning program is offered to investors and users. If they use NFT Marketplace for trade, they will get some shares from the profit. The priority is always the environment-based NFTs. 

Zero Tolerance Games

There is also an epic quest of play to earn. This quest allows the users to earn the CHMPZ and other premium prizes and gifts.  

The NFTs of CHMPZ offer membership in the CHMPZ community. With membership, the users can make more profits and earn more rewards in the ecosystem of CHMPZ. This service has yet to be made live (at the time of writing) but will be available in the near future.

The purchase of native crypto coins offers bonus coins as well. This offer is limited to presale only. You can save the minting spot if you invest in CHMPZ before its public release. It is a well-known fact that early investors usually drench the cream of a crypto asset; this statement is also true regarding CHMPZ. 

The prediction is there the CHMPZ is expected to get a one billion market capitalization during the first month of its presale. If this happens, this will be one of the promising cryptos of the year. If this prediction is accurate, the price hike will likely be 20-30 percent. Celebrity and brand adoption are other than the mentioned price hike.  

The prominent characteristics of CHMPZ are mentioned in the following lines 

  • The symbol of the token is CHMPZ. 
  • There is a total market cap of 200 billion dollars. 
  • Around 40 percent of the supply is allotted to the presale. 
  • The purchasing methods include credit cards, Ether and USTD, etc.  

Scorpion Casino

As the name illustrates, there is a variety of crypto casino tokens. The plus point of these tokens is that these tokens are licensed crypto casino tokens. These tokens can be used for casino and sports purposes.  

The present age is the age of digital earning. Almost every day, there is the emergence of innovative crypto projects. These projects have access to the masses with exciting concepts and ideas.  

The uniqueness of Scorpion Casino lies in the fact that it belongs to the category which helps online gamers and casino users with exciting surprises, games, fun activities, and rewards.  

It has already integrated online casinos, sports betting, and gaming into the realm of decentralized technology. This digital asset has been getting popular day by day for some past years.

The chances of its growth and flourishing are much higher than any other currency due to the uniqueness of its category. This is the primary feature that draws the attention of global users, and we also assume that this currency is worth this attention. 


If we talk about what users can get within the Scorpion Casino, another surprise is waiting for the users. There is a wide variety of games. The array includes 160 live games and over 200 casino games. These games are added after being verified for fair play and license processing. 

Usually, cryptocurrencies of this type include certain built-in games that can benefit the currency in a direct or indirect manner. Still, Scorpion Casino has many more famous games, including live casino, poker, slots, roulette, blackjack, etc. 

The partners of Scorpion Casino are the prominent providers, which include Evolution, Play N Go, and Net Ent. EGT, Novomatic and AMATIC. In addition, there is a wide variety of options if you want to bet on tennis, football, horse racing, American football, golf, basketball, MMA and boxing, etc.  

The ecosystem of this cryptocurrency has the Scorpion Casino platform. There is also a supporting affiliate system and a token named SCORP. The platform of Scorpion Casino is appropriately licensed for crypto-based betting and casino-related activities.

The affiliate system of this crypto works as the reward and referral mechanism. The token of Scorpion Casino serves as the reward tokens and governance for the crypto users.  The crypto token has a significant role within the ecosystem of Scorpion Casino.

These roles are mentioned in the proceeding lines: 

First Role: 

It is one of the exclusive methods of payment within the ecosystem.  

Second Role: 

The users can earn a stream of passive income from the coin holding.  

Third Role: 

There is also a weekly bonus along with the free games for the users, which also includes the affiliate programs. 

The prominent features of Scorpion Casino are mentioned below: 

  • The total supply of Scorpion Casino is one billion dollars. 
  • The Scorpion Casino coins worth 280 million dollars are allocated for the presale. 
  • For affiliate rewards, the amount of around 300 million dollars is reserved. 
  • There are some ongoing, upcoming, and future programs in the lines, which have a variety of partnerships, affiliate event series, marketing campaigns, and collaborations. 
  • According to the roadmap of streamlined projects, the main focus of this platform is the achievement of expansion and growth of this platform.

Pika moon

The next best currency in this line is known as Pika Moon. This is a crypto project with P2E metaverse, which is Pokémon inspired. This idea may sound musing that many cryptocurrencies with existing digital assets are named after some memes or cartoon characters.  

The present currency is also one of the currencies after AI Doge, which names amusing. This currency is named after the famous cartoon character of Pokémon. The Pika Moon is derived from Pokémon. The reason behind this name choice is unknown. What we know about this cryptocurrency will be discussed in the proceeding lines: 

This currency has the 9th spot in the list of best coins to invest in now. This is regarded as one of the best currencies to invest in 2023. This cryptocurrency is one of the best currencies to invest in because it works on the Ethereum network. It is one of the new crypto projects linked with the Ethereum chain.

A proper and well-described roadmap allows the developers to have secure partnerships that are quick and productive enough to allow a significant turnover in presales.  

The statement seems correct in Pika Moon’s case because this cryptocurrency’s presale has generated 3.2 million dollars in terms of funds. The presale is in the final stages now.  

Inspiration Of Pika Moon And Its Ecosystems

The inspiration for this cryptocurrency is from the globally popular Pokémon franchise. The cartoonish visuals and Fortnite-like graphics also help to cater to a wide range of audiences. 

The game has four ecosystems. One of them is the mysterious continent of Devra. The game is just like other games where the gamers have to complete the challenges, pass the quests and enter the battlefields to have PvP and PvE battles with the aliens of other planets. This primary focus is to capture the Pokémon.  

The interesting point in this scenario is that the rewards obtained through these achievements are real-life assets. Winning a game offers a whole batch of $PIKA. $PIKA is the official and native crypto coin for Pika Moon. 

In the same manner, the Game Fi tokens are also offered to the winners of the battles. These tokens are real and can be used later in the sale, trade, purchase, and in many other options such as exchanges and reinvesting. 

In all gaming processes, gamers have access to the original picaroon NFTs, which are approximately eighteen thousand in number. These NFTs have the potential to move the game forward. These $PIKA coins can use as earnings along with the purchase of many game items for better gaming.

These Pika Moon tokens help and support the ecosystem, which serves as the percentage of the market revenue. This market revenue is later used for the liquidity and development of the cryptocurrency.  


If you think these features are too much, then to your great surprise, these are just the tip of the iceberg. There are a variety of features that we still need to discuss.  

There are proper plans for broadening this metaverse in the upcoming years. $PIKA investors will be able to enjoy their gaming sessions with more playing tiers. They would be able to participate in a variety of tournaments. There will be more community events and online matching, which users will be able to get involved in. The streamline has much more surprises apart from the discussed ones.  

The network of $PIKA is renowned for being one of the best and fast-growing crypto communities. 

The prominent characteristics of this currency $PIKA, are mentioned in the proceeding lines: 

  • This is one of the rapidly growing communities; if you want to get the cream, you should invest now. 
  • The market capitalization of this currency is higher than expected, but presale has the lowest volume.  
  • This currency is currently available at 0.0006 dollars per $PIKA. 
  • This currency can be bought with Ether, BNB, USTD, and bank cards. 
  • There is no limit to this cryptocurrency’s maximum and minimum investment, $PIKA. 
  • This crypto also has a telegram link for recent updates. 

The Conglomerate Capital

The latest currency in the list of ten best cryptos in buy now has conglomerate capital. This conglomerate capital’s ambition is to make the investment process easier and accessible for everyone. The concept of conglomerate capital is very easy and straight. The investment type is BEP-20 based. The funding platform is DAO governed.  

Startups and SMEs are obtained from the finances of investors. Investors’ access is private, equity is lower, and the financial opportunities are plentiful and easier to access.  

What is different about commemorating capital is that it has governance, which is legal. Additionally, the investment features are safer for investors and serve as a guide for newbies. 

The goal of the company is to obtain five percent of the crowdfunding. Other features are of greater appeal to investors. These features also include the skating platform, which is a recent launch. This kind of feature offers the benefit of around 59 percent APY. There is also the facility of compound rewards for the winners. 

The most important feature is that the conglomerate capital has eliminated the barriers which act as hindrances for private ownership and equity along with ventures of capital investments.

In this platform, the facilities are made available to both accredited and non-accredited customers. There is also a vetting process, which is completed diligently and comprehensively.  

The token of the conglomerate capital is known as CONG. The owners of CONG have a variety of advantages. These advantages involve the token divisions, a portfolio company, income profits, yield farming, and many other benefits.

There is a team of professionals who have expertise in venture capital, acquisition industries, private equity, and mergers. The company ensures that the professionals in the field also have expertise in private equity funds.  

The prominent features of this currency include the following points: 

  • The total supply of CONG tokens is ten billion tokens. These tokens are the keys for access to the full functionalities of an ecosystem. The tickets have insurance for all the receipts.  
  • The presale is ongoing for CONG. 
  • The hard capital has around 50 million tokens.  
  • The current price is 0.0100 USTD.  
  • The early investors can get the maximum turnovers. 
  • The official presale is only limited to the official website of the CONG.

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