Cryptocurrency Podcasts For Beginners!  

The crypto world is moving at a fast pace. There is the launch of numerous projects. Numerous newspapers are getting populated on different social media platforms, including Twitter.

Crypto Podcast, Crypto News And Crypto World

Being an investor, you want to keep your pace equal with all the industry’s happenings while being ahead of them. This sounds and is a time as well as an enAergy-consuming process.

To make things easy and better for our newbies to the crypto industry, a new system has been introduced, which is called a crypto podcast.

What is a podcast?

Crypto podcasts are the kind of conversations done in a video related to the current topics, which include crypto news, blockchain technology, crypto space, up to dates for crypto enthusiasts, crypto assets, bitcoin and blockchain tech, cryptocurrency chat, crypto community, latest crypto news, crypto investing, crypto campfire, crypto craze, trending stories, bank less podcast, token metrics, blockchain consultant, breaking news, pomp podcast, and valuable insights to cryptocurrency world.

What does podcasts offer?

They are also an authentic source for cryptocurrency news, crypto topics, bitcoin podcasts, crypto markets, and the working criteria of industry pioneers who are now the crypto sharks.

The plus point is that crypto podcasts represent the present scenario and are convenient for people who want to make investments or are in the maintenance stream of this field.

Podcasts are also a new business. In digital education for investors, podcasts are the best answer. The podcasts are offered on different topics to cover other kinds of audiences.

These podcasts are featured while providing a specific type of content to their audience, which also summarises the market happenings and market analysis per different categories.

This blog is penned down to help crypto investors to help them out in their future and present endeavours. We have reviewed and analysed a series of podcasts as per their content, viewership, comments, and ratings.

We have not included any bad crypto podcast. The quality of a good podcast is that it offers an adequate crypto landscape, offers authentic crypto chat, has the latest crypto news and crypto news alerts, and offers weekly podcast.

In the proceeding lines, we have compiled a series of podcasts that is helping the newbies and offering severe and sincere advice to those who have already dived into cryptocurrency.

Key points:

Podcasts help investors to stay up to date regarding market events as it has all the news and views about the launch of new projects in a precise and comprehensive manner.

There are various podcasts ranging from summaries to interviews of market happenings and market analyses.

Some top crypto podcasts involve Bankless, Unchained, OxResearch, and Empire, offering beneficial material in this scenario.

List of best crypto podcasts for beginners

In the proceeding lines, we have listed some of the crypto podcast for your convenience. Here we go!


The first crypto podcast that is on the top of our list is known as Empire. This podcast has its production by Blockworks. The host of this podcast is Jason Yanowitz. He is also the owner of Santiago Roel Santos and Blockworks.

Santos was previously a partner of ParaFi Capitals, a firm founded in 2018 and an OG crypto technology and investment firm. This firm and its owner are known for the investment protocols in Synthetix, The Graph, Aave, and many more.

At the podcast Empire, the viewers often see the anchor with the top investors and crypto sharks. These people discuss their successful journey and their strategies while being crypto enthusiasts.

Another essential thing discussed in this platform is their insight into future happenings, developments, and endeavors. This podcast also has roundup episodes, which provide a handful of information to the viewers regarding the market happenings and the impact of cryptocurrency news on the crypto markets and market caps of different cryptocurrencies. The podcast is available on Spotify.


The second crypto podcast on our list is named as OxResearch. Sam Martin and Dan Smith handle this platform. They are professional members of the Blockworks research team.

If we talk about the nature of this podcast, then it is more technical. It has its focus on the analysis of protocol development. They invite the protocol makers from different fields of the crypto market and ask them as guests on their platforms.

Together they go through innovative narratives after thorough research. At the initial stages of their episodes, the show’s host invites the guest to share his experience while calling his journey “hot seat and cool throne.” In this session, the host and guest share the key points and market news of crypto. The podcast is available on Spotify.

Bell Curve

The third crypto podcast on this list is Bell Curve. The show has Mike Ippolito and Jason Yanowitz as hosts. The hosts are also team members of Blockworks. This podcast focuses more on seasoned crypto people.

Every season has a particular focus on a specific thesis. The show hosts invite seasoned professionals and experts in that field to test the hypothesis and explore the details.

The topics of this podcast are pretty technical compared to other podcasts. This platform offers special coverage on the MEV (Maximal Extractable Value) on the subject. The podcast is available on Spotify.


The following podcast on this list is titled Bankless podcast. This podcast has Davis Hoffman and Ryan Sean Adams as hosts. The hot and primary topic of discussion in this podcast includes BanklessDAO and the decentralized autonomous organization. The focus point of this podcast is the production of educational material for the initial investors.

It is one of the versatile podcasts covering a large variety of topics, including DeFi (decentralized finances), NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), GameFi, SocialFi, and many more. This podcast is also available on Spotify.


This podcast has Laura Shin as the host. She is also one of the senior editors of Forbes. She is aware and aware and taken as the professional for having the best crypto sense as she has covered much of the crypto space since 2013.

This podcast is famous for its insights. She interviews seasoned figures in the crypto space every week. She is renowned for her critical analysis and sharp question-answer sessions on the selected topic. The Unchained podcast is also available on Spotify.

The Delphi podcast

Tom Shaughnessy is the co-lead and co-founder of this podcast. This podcast is famous for introducing seasoned guests from a variety of profiles. The range of these profiles is from experienced investors to protocol creators.

An example of Santos can be illustrated here. The host of this show is famous for picking precise questions and offering valuable insights to the guests to give the listeners a clear idea about the crypto market building. This app is also available on Spotify.


This unique named podcast is hosted by Jonah Van Bourg and Avi Felman. Avi is a well-known professional and an experienced trader and investor in crypto finance trading at Golden Tree Asset Management. Jonah is also the Global Trading Head at Cumberland.

This show has investment as the center point. Both hosts of the show have profound knowledge of the micro and macro factors of the crypto market. They evaluate the market as well as the potential development in the prices of crypto.

Investors who are indulged in quick trade and have a keen understanding of the crypto market from the financial dimension love this podcast for the selection and analysis of the chosen topic. This podcast is available on Spotify for worthy listeners.

The Blockcrunch Podcast

Jason Choi hosts this podcast. He is the founder of Tangent and the general partner of The Spartan Group. Tangent is a web3 angel fund handled by seasoned crypto founders.

This podcast involves a wide variety of topics which ranges from the market news to the launch of new protocols. This offers its listeners excellent knowledge about the crypto market’s evolution and protocols. This podcast is also available on Spotify.

The DeFi Podcast

The decentralized finance podcast, also known as the DeFi Podcast, is hosted by Camila Russo. The recent developments in the crypto space, along with the current alterations, are discussed in this show.

Although the show’s name illustrates some limitations, the podcast is not limited to decentralized finance. It covers almost all the topics and investment strategies related to cryptocurrency. It also talks about the infrastructure and other verticals of the crypto space.

Markets Daily Crypto Roundup

This podcast has Adam B. Levine as its host. Adrian Blust is the associate host for this show. If you are an investor and want to spend less time searching for every minute detail, this show is the stop for all your quarries.

This show has all the information about the crypto market happenings illustrated in the best shortest possible time, I.e., 30 minutes. This app is also available on Spotify.

Web3 With a16Z Crypto

Sonal Chokshi is the host of this program. It is produced by Andreessen Horowitz. It is famous for the name a16z. It is one of the famous projects of the capital firms.

This podcast usually pivots around the investing aspects of crypto markets. This is the primary point that makes it different from the other podcast. This podcast is available on Spotify.

The Daily Gwei

Anthony Sassano hosts this podcast. This podcast centers the Ethereum as the primary cryptocurrency for discussion. It offers almost all kinds of updates after every one or two days regarding what is happening in the Ethereum market and Ethereum Ecosystem.

This podcast has supremacy over all other podcasts because it is the platform that is very regular in its shows. The perfect timing, pace, and level of information presented on the Ethereum development are unmatchable. A more significant number of applications are built on this platform. This app is available on Spotify.

On The Margin

This show is also hosted by the team member of Blockworks, I.e., Michael Ippolito. This show is entirely different from all the previously mentioned podcasts. The reason behind this difference is the focus of this podcast on the macro industry.

This whole podcast revolves around the effect of the macro sector caused on the crypto market. This is one of the refreshing, helpful, and innovative podcasts that help the participants and crypto investors keep updated regarding the macro happenings. This podcast is also available on Spotify as well.

The Building A Better World

The host of “The Building A Better World” is Hrish Lotliker.

In every episode of this show, the host, Hirsh, invites the seasoned people of the field to have a cryptocurrency chat related to Metaverse, Web3, VR, and many other technologies that are used by people in the physical world but are affecting the cryptocurrency in one stage of the other.

This current crypto host offers crypto-related news with the latest token metrics podcast. You can use this podcast on Bcast, Spotify, Apple Podcast, and Google podcasts.


Podcasts are the shows just like the regular shows on television for the discussion on some specific topics. We have gone through such presentations on political themes. The only difference is that the crypto podcasts are only done on crypto-specified issues.

The crypto podcast has a host specialising in the chosen topic so listeners can have quick and helpful information on the selected subject. Podcasts are considered one of the easiest ways to get valuable and required information in the shortest possible period.

The podcast mentioned in the blog is based on the viewer’s comments and ratings, which shows a show’s popularity. There is no doubt that these shows deserve the fame they have acquired because the last thing that can be authentic in the crypto world is guidance.

Even with paid experts, the thorough and on-point direction is usually thought to be impossible. With the help of these crypto podcasts, newbies and seasoned investors can trust someone for advice. They offer advice that can be included in the business strategy and followed without hindrance.