How to Invest in Cryptocurrency? Step-by-step Guide for Beginners

Cryptocurrency is one of the most hyped subjects regarding investment. People are curious about Cryptocurrency’s acquisition and profit ratio as the profit gains are highlighted in social media and news. Cryptocurrency for beginners is one of the topics which requires more and more discussion.

While keeping in mind the requirements of Cryptocurrency for beginners, we have come up with the topic and a detailed, subject-oriented, and step-by-step guide to make the investment and legal procedure easier for beginners.

We will start our present blog article with a beginner’s guide on crypto assets, crypto basics, and crypto investments. Let’s begin with the topic.

Whenever anyone asks for valuable advice regarding finances and investments, the abrupt financial advice is usually regarding Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

The process is illustrated in an oversimplified version by stating that cryptocurrency markets are easy-going markets that verify transactions and offer the vast majority of information about the bitcoin tech and other issues about digital currencies, as they are among the most valuable coins.

In the proceeding lines, we will start with the basic concepts. We will gradually move to the technicalities to help you make a clear, sound, and permanent decision about cryptocurrency investments.

What do you mean by Cryptocurrency for beginners?

The first question that comes to the people who try to learn about Cryptocurrency for beginners is, what exactly is Cryptocurrency? The second question is about the procedure of crypto investments, while the third question is usually about crypto assets.

The theoretical knowledge of Cryptocurrency demonstrates that cryptocurrencies are the sort of currencies that emerged, are kept, and are used online. It is known as digital assets, which can increase or decrease their value—the process of loss and gain works like the bonds and stock markets.

The fundamental difference between digital and cash currency is that physical currency has metal coins and paper bills. In contrast, digital currencies take the virtual terms of units, tokens, and coins.

These units, tokens, and coins can be bought from cryptocurrency exchanges and companies that offer the facility of Cryptocurrency. Anybody can purchase, sell and trade in the same fashion as people do with paper currency. The whole process is the same as corporate American stock trading.

Another point distinguishing Cryptocurrency from physical currency is that digital currencies are decentralized. Decentralized currency means that there is no central supervision or authority who is governing the whole process. We can take an example to make things more transparent.

In the United States, the Federal authorities are responsible for managing the national currency, which influences the interest rates, prices, and the distribution and circulation of money in society. In the Cryptocurrency, there is no governing authority at all. The person who owns the currency has the absolute power of its use, purchase, and sale.

Although digital currencies are decentralized, they must still be managed by a proper system. There is an appropriate system that a cryptocurrency company operates. This Cryptocurrency can track down all the owners and unite the digital currencies.

This system also controls the induction and creation of more crypto units. This sounds more like the Federal Reserve’s management. This point should be made clear to beginners of Cryptocurrency that no central system can track the servers and locations where the digital units are being stored. There is no concept of virtual banks as well.

If we take the specific example of Bitcoin, it is not a surprise that, by far, Bitcoin is considered one of the World’s most popular and extensive cryptocurrency systems. According to some financial experts, other cryptocurrencies, not Bitcoin, are considered Altcoins. This word shows the dominance of Bitcoins.

The working criterion of Cryptocurrency

After the detailed introduction, the following point covers the working criterion of cryptocurrencies. What is precisely the thing which offers cryptocurrency units so much value?

The answer to this question is relatively easy. The market value and market factors determine most assets. If we take the example of real estate, the question becomes evident how the value of a property is determined.

The price for the property can go higher depending upon its location, the facilities provided in the area, the luxuries offered by the authorities of the society, and its surroundings, depending upon the project for which the property is being used.

Stock value

Several factors usually determine the stock value.

  1. The success of the company determines the stock value.
  2. The higher ratio of profits is also one of the critical factors.

The value of the currencies is deeply rooted in the marketplaces they are being used in. The case is the same with cryptocurrencies but with a little twist. The assets in the cryptocurrencies are not at all physical which has no chance of getting affected by the local markets and economy.

The value of crypto assets is also not linked with corporate profits and deals. The only factor that matters in the stock value of the Cryptocurrency is whether people buy cryptocurrency units or not.

This aspect seems shocking, but it is true. The value of any digital currency is solely since people are interested in purchasing it or not. If consumers are showing their interest by buying the crypto, the stock value of the currency will rise, and the case will be vice versa.

This is the primary point for the veteran as well as beginner investors of crypto because this is that much hectic an idea, as it is demonstrated. If anybody has the skills to manage risks, crypto is a good investment opportunity for frequent business of volatile assets.

What is a volatile asset?

A volatile asset is the experience of frequent and significant alterations in value. One of the most common and socially acceptable terms for volatile assets is penny stocks. These penny stocks can prove much more dangerous for the average investor than those with high investments because they can get high turnovers.

In the same fashion, Cryptocurrency has the power to reach high turnovers if the investor has the potential to take advantage of surges happening in the marketplace.

What are the reasons for Investments in Cryptocurrencies?

The reasons for investments in cryptocurrencies are:

  • tax evansion
  • short termed investments (higher risk and high ROI potential).
  • long term investments (Bitcoin typically appreciates in value, unlike conventional currencies that often depreciate due to inflation.).

We have already discussed crypto basics and investments in detail; now, we will head toward the reasons for investments in crypto exchange and the crypto market. It is one of the critical questions that often comes to the mind of investors why should anyone make crypto investments?

In the proceeding lines, some of the reasons are illustrated under the fore-mentioned heading:

Tax Evasion:

The database shows that investment in Cryptocurrency is the best option for tax evasion purposes. Many other cryptocurrency exchange currencies offer the same benefits to those who invest in digital currencies.

The tax evasion system works in the following fashion: The Investor only has to pay the tax when he sells the crypto and gains profits. If he purchases crypto, a keeps it in his digital wallet, there will be no tax on his investment. The limit for keeping the crypto is unlimited.

Short Termed Investments:

Due to the volatile nature of crypto assets, the investor usually takes crypto as a short termed investment. They never consider any digital currency as a long-term investment because there are equal chances for any cryptocurrency to be stable shortly, and long-term investments can offer the highest profit ratio. The whole matter depends upon the word, as the case can be vice versa to the description mentioned above.

Long Term profit Practice:

What matters a lot in the Cryptocurrency is the time. The if the value of crypto increases with time, the crypto can be your most significant investment. In the opposite circumstances, the risk can take a toll on the crypto projects, bitcoin rewards, crypto holdings, and crypto trading.

Other reasons:

Other reasons that make more and more people deciding to put money into Crypto markets include:

  • Broadening the investment mix.
  • Potential significant investment growth.
  • Crypto transactions becoming more transparent.
  • An increasing number of venues that accept digital money.
  • Cryptocurrencies underpin emerging financial systems.
  • Blockchain’s true capabilities are yet to be fully tapped.

Understand the Subject before investing in Cryptocurrency

As it is mentioned above, crypto is a digital currency. Before you try to pave your path in the World of Cryptocurrency, have full command of the topic. Any investor should seek investment advice before investing in digital currencies. A few requirements must be met before getting on with your journey. These requirements include:

  • Documents for personal identification.
  • Information about bank insurance.
  • A safe connection to the internet.

The next step is to buy the Cryptocurrency. There are many ways for this, but it is easiest to do it through a stockbroker. If a customer purchases the crypto from the stockbroker, a file containing the mandatory information about the buyer will already be on the file. After documentation, the following process is an investment.

How to invest in Cryptocurrency?

Now that a buyer has decided to invest in Cryptocurrency, the next question is how he can invest in Cryptocurrency. What is the legal procedure for that?

One thing that, like every currency country, Cryptocurrency has variations, and all variants differ in their management system. Let’s suppose that a customer wants to invest in Cryptocurrency for the sake of making a profit; for this purpose, he must follow the following steps to start cryptocurrency investment for other currencies, I.e., Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Bitcoin, etc.:

1. Choose the best cryptocurrency exchange

The first step is to select the best cryptocurrency exchange. After choosing the exchange, customers make an account at the exchange. Many exchanges offer their customers valuable services, but the most famous names include Binance, Coinbase, Gemini, Kraken, Bitfinex, and GDAx.

2. Purchase The Best Cryptocurrency to invest money in

The exchanges make it possible for a customer to buy crypto with the help of their debit cards. Customers are always free to choose from cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, etc. Read how to choose the best cryptocurrency to buy the right crypto. The value of a digital coin can range up to many thousand dollars that’s why you need to study the nuances and make a conscious decision. Because of that and minimizing the risk of loosing money the best strategy is to share deposit between few cryptocurrencies.

The exchanges allow the buyers to purchase some fractions/parts of the currency. This kind of investment is quite an affordable deal for beginner investors. Like all stockbrokers, the businesses charge some fee for the transactions a customer makes with their coins/fraction of coins.

3. Save The Cryptocurrency In The Crypto Wallet

The third and last step is to protect your crypto; for this purpose, digital currencies offer digital wallets. These wallets are provided when a client opens an account in the cryptocurrency exchange. These wallets are secured with codes and passwords.

Types of Crypto Wallets

There are 2 types of wallets: Hardware and Software Wallets.

The first is the software wallet, and the second is the hardware wallet. A software wallet is used for saving crypto, while a hardware wallet is required for crypto trading.

The hardware wallet is a physical device, just like the USB. It is considered a more secure option than the software wallet. If a client purchases a large sum of wallets, then it is one of the best options; otherwise, it is useless.

What are 3 Best Cryptocurrencies for Beginner Investors?

The best cryptocurrencies for beginner crypto investors are Bitcoin (BTC), Cardano (ADA) and Ethereum (ETH).

This guide is about the types of cryptos before jumping on the bandwagon. There are usually three types of bitcoins that are always prone to investments. Grandfather status of the best crypto for beginners is reserved for Bitcoin, as it is the oldest Cryptocurrency. Its life span is almost ten years and consists of the most extensive system in the history of digital currencies. It has a market capitalization, which worth are nearly 128 billion dollars. The list of coins which are reachable for the buyers are listed below:

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin is one of the most fantastic starts for any beginner. Almost all currency exchanges have bitcoins, meaning the purchaser is sure about the product’s demand. If you are a newbie in crypto market, start from an investment in Bitcoin. It is the easiest crypto to buy and sell, which makes it the easiest money convertible cryptocurrency. BTC is used for many purposes, ultimately offering the best possible advantage.

Cardano (ADA)

It was thought to be the one used for saving the private data. Cardano is one of the alternates of Ether. It is comparatively less expensive and more efficient.

Ethereum (Ether)

The main focus of this Cryptocurrency is the purchase of apps without paying the companies which serve as a middleman.

How does Cryptocurrency work?

Digital currency is available at cryptocurrency exchanges. This decentralized finance works with the help of blockchain technology which includes Bitcoin mining.

What is Bitcoin Mining?

Bitcoin mining is the process of creating bitcoins which requires special apparatus, energy, and resources.

What is blockchain?

Blockchain is a decentralized and distributed digital ledger used to record transactions across multiple computers in a way that ensures the data can be managed and verified by all participants in the network, and once entered, the information cannot be altered retroactively without the alteration of all subsequent blocks.

The digital assets work through blockchain technology. Every bitcoin relates to the owner through a node. These nodes are interlinked to make a block of nodes. These nodes are joined in a blockchain known as the blockchain. This blockchain is considered an essential aspect of the blockchain network.

This blockchain network is the base of the Bitcoin system and the traditional financial system of Cryptocurrency. It is mandatory to consult the financial advisor for securities and exchange commissions.

How does blockchain work?

Blockchain works as a decentralized digital ledger, recording transactions across multiple computers. Once added, data can’t be altered without consensus, ensuring transparency and security.

This is one of the trickiest parts of the whole game. This concept must be understood before investing in Cryptocurrency. Almost all the trading throughout the World has been done in gold and silver, respectively. This gold and silver are linked with some unique token to offer the physical value to the currency.

The case is the same with Cryptocurrency. The token is linked with a coin, but the asset remains in the software, which does not require physical linking.

Digital assets are complicated. You can take the example of a picture taken from your phone. You email this photo to your friend. Your computer links the photo to a code and then sends it to your friend.

Now, two computers have the same image with the same links, and who owns the actual image cannot be distinguished. Crypto users face the same problem. This problem is fixed with the help of blockchain. The crypto uses a unique code to the crypto that is linked with the owner. When other customers buy fractions of crypto, these codes split into new regulations related to the original code. Still, they cannot copy or steal the information/ ownership from the owner.

You can take the example of the number BG66HH8898. This GB66 is the original number linked with the owner, while the person who buys the fraction is allotted the number GB66HH, the third person owns the number BG66HH8898, and the list goes on.

All a customer has to make sure of is that he should remember the key and passcodes. The keys may seem like an absurd string of numbers and letters, but this is the key to your investment.

How much money do I need to start investing in Cryptocurrency?

There is no minimum or maximum amount of money you need to invest in cryptocurrency. But don’t invest more that you can actually lose.

After Understanding Cryptocurrency Exchanges and crypto working criteria, it is up to the investor to decide how much money to invest in crypto. Cryptocurrency is a volatile and emerging asset class. While digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have seen significant rises and falls, they offer potential for diversification and profit. Before investing:

  1. Understand the Market: Familiarize yourself with the crypto industry, its workings, and specific cryptocurrencies.
  2. Avoid Relying on Past Performance: Crypto’s value can be unpredictable, and past success doesn’t guarantee future results.
  3. Be Cautious of Volatility: The crypto market’s fluctuations can be drastic, making it risky, especially for new investors.
  4. Manage Risks: Diversify your investments and only invest what you can afford to lose.
  5. Start Small: It’s advisable to begin with a modest investment to mitigate potential losses.
  6. Stay Informed: Research various investment methods, from direct crypto purchases to futures and ETFs.
  7. Remember Fees: Small investments might incur higher fees proportionally. Choose platforms wisely.
  8. Understand Blockchain: It’s the foundation of all cryptocurrencies, ensuring secure and transparent transactions.
  9. Know About Mining: It’s the process of verifying blockchain data, where miners solve complex problems to earn cryptocurrency.
  10. Choose Your Investment Platform: Options include crypto exchanges, traditional brokers, and financial apps.

In conclusion, while crypto offers potential rewards, it’s essential to approach it with caution, knowledge, and a clear strategy.

Are cryptocurrencies financial securities, like stocks?

This is one of the most frequently asked and common points, which is in the conscience of almost every investor. As discussed earlier in the tax evasion point, crypto can be used as financial security and works like stocks.

The stock market goes up, and the value and share of the crypto also rise and vice versa. You can also use it as an investment and do not have to pay tax unless you do not have any purchase or sale.

Who invented Bitcoin? Facts about Bitcoin

Despite this immense creativity and a new financial system for the World, the creator of this currency is anonymous, and the pen name is used in the email where the creator has discussed and disclosed the whole working protocol for the Cryptocurrency. There is no clear idea that a single person is behind this entire brilliance or there is a team of individuals. Check for more interesting facts about Bitcoin.

Only invest what you can afford to lose

Cryptocurrency is a matter of risk. If a customer cannot take risks or dare to manage risks, he should never invest in crypto. This game is solely for people with the heart to bear the loss and unimaginable profit.

Despite all the discussions and talks in the town, some complications can only be avoided. This currency is a prone and open invitation to hackers. If you go through the proper process and use the legal method for purchasing the crypto, you are safe from all sides.

The legally registered purchasers can seek governmental help in case of hacking. A proper filing of the customer can save him in the long run.Other ways to invest in Cryptocurrency:

There are many issues with crypto, but it is one of the finest Financial systems with its sole basis. It is one of the excellent investment options available to investors of the present age.

Many companies, which include Visa, IBM, and Oracle Crop, run blockchain operations. Apart from purchasing fractions of the crypto, people can also invest in the individual stocks of crypto companies. There is also an option of buying ETFs. ETF is the abbreviation of exchange-traded funds. These funds are famous for dealing with companies related to the blockchain. Some famous EFTs include KION, BLOK, and BLCN.

The performance of these companies over the past year has been recorded as splendid. They have the highest ratio of turnovers. These EFTs outperform the overall market.

The people who do not trust the volatile nature of Cryptocurrency have the golden opportunity of investing in the blockchain. It is mandatory to explain here that investment in the crypto market and EFT companies differ. EFT companies are less risky as compared to cryptocurrency investments.

Pros and cons of cryptocurrency investment

Now we have discussed almost every point related to Cryptocurrency in detail. Now it is turned to the pros and cons of the Cryptocurrency. Let’s go through the pros and cons of this industry and investments:

Pros of cryptocurrency investment

Cryptocurrency investment is one of the famous procedure that offers certain benefits, which includes utility, return potential, and diversification. Investors always want to make their portfolios diverse, which is risky. All an investor must keep is the good nerves that can make striking gold easier for him.

Diversification is compulsory as it results in huge turnovers. It can be called an investment that can benefit investors in the long run.

Cons of cryptocurrency investment

There are many advantages of Cryptocurrency, but the disadvantages are not neglectable. The nature of crypto is volatile, which is a considerable drawback. There also needs to be a foremost or central authority to observe the process.

How can I invest in Bitcoin?

Until now, you must have gone through all the essential details required for the cryptocurrency investment; now comes the most critical yet most important question of all times, I.e., how can I invest in Bitcoin?

The procedure is simple and casual, like any other property investment. An investor goes through the legal filing system and then purchases the property. The same is the case with the Cryptocurrency as well. After the filing and legal process, an investor goes on with purchasing.

The only thing you should always keep in mind is that an investor should never go for the easy ways and shortcuts. These shortcuts can prove hazardous in the long run and can cause scams and re-scams in the long run.


Cryptocurrency is a digital asset that offers its services through blockchain management. The value of this digital asset wholly depends upon the public and market demands. Digital currencies do not have any intrinsic importance.

Due to the volatile nature of Cryptocurrency, it is considered one of the risky investments. In the long run, the only caution that can save an investor is that the investors should take the legal path and use secure ways to keep the keys, passwords, and codes related to the Cryptocurrency.