Where to Buy Cryptocurrency; Crypto exchange ranking

Cryptocurrency is an ongoing and trending topic, and the best crypto exchanges are the home to these discussions. All crypto exchanges work in almost the same fashion, I.e., from online trading platforms to offering and selling digital tokens and currencies, which include Dogecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, etc. This publication has been composed after a keen and thorough observation of twenty-eight cryptocurrency exchanges.

The criteria for this observation include the offerings, security, availability, and financial choices: withdrawal fees, mobile capacities, centralized exchange, fiat currency, trading fees, advance trading tools, use of credit or debit card, taker fee, margin trading, regulatory compliance, availability of free accounts, account creation, crypto assets, the interest of crypto enthusiast, exchange commission and other features of investing apps.

After carefully considering the topics, we develop a list of the crypto exchange that can do marvels along with your business strategy.

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Guidelines for cryptocurrency trading and digital exchange

In the proceeding lines, we are offering our worthy readers some guidelines fundamental for choosing the best possible option. Before getting started with the list of selected digital exchanges, it is necessary to go through these guidelines so that the investors can make a definite and sound decision that can be functional and applicable.

It always seems easier for investors to purchase and sell BTC from the nearest digital ATMs. However, using a digital exchange is mandatory for long-term investment, which can also offer turnovers. Digital exchanges are the legal as well as secure way to get crypto. There is much more reason for opting for a digital currency.

The crypto exchange makes it possible to buy crypto, purchase bitcoin, and sell crypto globally with easier access. Additionally, it provides various digital tokens and currencies, offering various options for the investor to get a diverse portfolio of digital assets.

The cold storage of these crypto exchanges also offers the safety of the digital assets of their investors. The digital exchanges offer global services that offer anti-money laundering and fraud emission by enabling the rules and regulations. They also ensure that the investors are kept from contacting malicious or fraudulent companies and investors.

How do you choose a Cryptocurrency exchange?

There are 6 factors for opting for a definite crypto exchange. In the proceeding lines, some elements are mentioned which are mandatory to go through before choosing a crypto exchange for yourself. Let’s go through these factors:

1. Amount of assets that digital exchanges support

The first factor that should always be noticed is how many digital assets this specific cryptocurrency supports. Always choose a digital exchange that offers a variety of digital currencies. The more digital currencies a business offers, the more turnover an investment will bring. The low ratio of digital currencies a digital exchange offers, the more hurdles will be faced by the investors.

2. The available payment methods should always be verified

Before investing in digital assets, it is always better to verify how the crypto exchange offers the payments. Among the traditional handful of methods of payments, specific procedures allow the direct purchase, sale, transfer, and transaction of digital assets. In addition, some platforms will also enable the use of debit cards, credit cards, and many other payment methods, allowing investors to do seamless business on digital forums.

3. The fee structure of the digital exchange

Another thing that an investor should always keep in mind is the fee structure that chosen digital crypto exchange is offering. If the fee is eating up the turnovers, then there is a dire need to search for a platform offering you some benefits for your lifelong savings. There are many fee structures for the withdrawal fee and trading fee. If the fee structure is not well described, hidden charges can pop up out of nowhere and destroy the turnovers of your investments.

4. Security which a digital exchange offer

When it comes to investing in digital currency, it is a feast for hackers as they can clean their hands on the lifelong savings of someone treating the security gates as a piece of cake. Security breaches in the online and digital world are no more a hidden game.

The only hesitation an investor feels is when he invests in a company that needs to offer security for their investments and savings. It is always advised to the investor to opt for a company that provides complete protection and insurance for their investments because, being an investor, it is their right to secure returns and profits.

5. Quality of the customer service offered to the investors and users

Before investing in any digital asset, checking the quality of customer service in case of any issue is mandatory. Usually, the customer service could be of better quality in any cryptocurrency; as an investor, you must go through the customer service response before investment.

This step is mandatory because, in case of any security breach, the customer service representative is the first person to save your investment. If the customer service is not available on time, there is no use for investments.

6. Reputation of the company

Before opting for any brokerage account, the reputation factor must be double-checked. Always review the feedback and response to a specific company’s users before investing. Additionally, it is always a good idea to go through the general reaction of the users about the forum they are using.

List of Best Crypto Exchanges – Rankings

In the proceeding lines, we have mentioned the cryptocurrency exchange for their specification:

  1. Binance is the best rated crypto exchange with low trade fees.
  2. Kraken is the best crypto exchange for experienced traders with low fees.
  3. Coinbase is the best crypto exchange for beginners.
  4. Crypto.com is the best platform for mobile apps.
  5. Gemini is regarded as the best application for security purposes.
  6. Bitmart Exchange is the best platform for Altcoins.
  7. Cash App is regarded as the best platform for Bitcoin.
  8. Bisq is regarded as the best app for decentralized exchanges.

1. Binance is one of the supreme names and a tough competitor in the field of crypto exchange


Binance has an overall rating of 4.4.

Comparison of companies: 

Binance is the largest crypto exchange (by the 24 hours trading volume) that offers almost all kinds of crypto services in a quite reasonable price range. Binance also offers its users its professional application. The platform is famous for its low-fee structures and the trading of almost all coins.  

Advantages and Disadvantages

As mentioned in the previous lines, it is one of the biggest crypto exchanges in the World; the biggest advantage is that it supports almost all kinds of coins. The app also offers such discounts and deals, which is also a plus point on the investor’s behalf. Professional traders opt for this platform more than any other platform.  

It offers high liquid exchange, but un-availability in some areas is the only disadvantage that adds minus points; otherwise, it offers access to the exchange through the app to almost all its users. 

Methodologies and overview

Binance got its invention in 2017. The inventor’s name is Changping Zhao, a famous entrepreneur, software engineer, and well-known investor in cryptocurrency. This exchange was initiated in July 2017, and within six months, it became the World’s biggest crypto exchange. 

It is famous for crypto trading. It also works for pair trading. It has the lowest transaction fee as compared to all other crypto exchanges. It possesses high liquidity. It also provides discounts on its native coin. The native coin of Binance is known as BNB. 

Its architecture is multi-clustered and multi-tier, offering high security and safety to its users. It also offers high processing through the crypto journey of its users.  

This global exchange passed through a misfortune that caused the ban on its operation in the United States. Later on, another Binance branch was opened, which has the same rules and regulations for the operation that meet the United States’ standards.

2. Kraken is the best crypto exchange for experienced traders with low fees


The ratings for this platform is 4.2.

Comparison of companies

Kraken has a professional application under Kraken Pro, one of the best platforms for its low-fee structures. This low fee structure is estimated in the overall crypto fee in the whole coins and crypto exchanges. Therefore, it is one of the best options for the professional traders. Furthermore, this platform offers huge margins, special training features, and the advanced type of orders required for huge business types.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The advantages include the support of larger crypto coins, highly liquid exchange, and a relatively low fee ratio on Kraken Pro. The disadvantages include unavailability in almost all United States and limited funding in different accounts.

Methodologies and overview

Kraken is the crypto that was created in 2011 and is available to date. It is regarded as one of the notable currencies in the digital world. This crypto is based in San Francisco, enabling buyers to purchase sake and a storage rate of over two hundred cryptos. Along with the features mentioned earlier, this currency offers quite a low ratio of gas, a unique feature not yet established by any other currency.

From its beginning, this platform has established itself for professionals and huge investors. Till now, its reputation as a professional as well as reliable trading app is retained by its fast and on-time services.

Another specialty of Kraken is that it holds two platforms. The first is used for trading, while the second is used as a professional platform, which is Kraken Pro (mentioned in the above lines). Its dashboard also has some innovative features, which include detailed insights, analytic tools which are customizable, high execution speed, various types of orders, and spot trading as well. This application also includes many margins.

Crypto Exchange Fees

On its central platform, Kraken offers relatively high pay rates, up to 1.5 percent. Still, the incentives on the Kraken Pro are quite different as it offers a tiered structure for mega investors who can save their capital through this payment method.

The fee structure in Kraken for the investment of 50 thousand dollars for a 30-day volume is around 0.16 percent for the maker and 26 percent for a taker. This price range drops to the percentage of 0.10 percent for the investment of ten million dollars for 30 days rolling. This platform offers limited options for funding; immediate payment through a wire payment system and ACH funds transfers are not supportable in this platform.

3. Coinbase is the best crypto exchange for beginners


Ratings for this business platform are 4.8 percent by the users.

Comparison of companies

It best applies to beginner investors because this system supports almost all kinds of digital currencies. It also offers a robust security system, is easy to use, and has advanced trading abilities.

Advantages and Disadvantages

This system offers an advanced trade and support for most digital coins, which is best for beginner investors. It also has a high liquid exchange rate.

If we look at the disadvantages, it needs to possess the customer service of high quality. It is also a custodial kind of account (Coinbase wallet) which means that the users do not have any control over their secret codes and keys.

Methodologies and overview

This digital currency was established in 2012, and the masses adopted and accepted it as it was already a part of their lives. This platform among all brokerage platforms offers the effortless purchase, sale, and storage of Bitcoin, which is the pioneer of digital currencies and has sustained its value till the present day. This platform is worth almost 16 billion dollars.

This digital coin company is based in San Francisco and is famous for being geographically decentralized because it has no physical offices. Along with this interesting fact, this currency is available in almost 100 plus countries.

It is known for offering robust security, advanced trading features, user-friendly trading, support for 300-plus digital assets, and a user-friendly platform. Therefore, it is the first preference for almost all cryptocurrency investors. The onlook of this platform is just like any traditional banking system, making it easier for the user to invest in cryptocurrency without hesitation.

Coinbase has the perfect system for storing the invested currency in US dollars under FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation), which reduces the risk of potential loss to digital investments during any security breach. In addition, a wide range of funding payments is available at the trading accounts of Coinbase. This platform also offers ACH and wire transfers.

There are two types of wallets available at the coinbase.com for storing digital currency:

Custodial wallets

The new investors are proposed with custodial wallets, I.e., storing digital currency in the Coinbase exchange. In this type of wallet, Coinbase app stores and holds the security responsibility of the wallets, financial assets, passcodes, keys, and passwords of the wallets on behalf of users.

Non-custodial digital wallet

The second option is non-custodial wallets, which are for experienced traders. If the investors opt for this option, then they are at liberty to use their wallets as per their will because they own and have control of their codes, passwords, and other transactional record.

This platform is one of the best service providers for advanced and new crypto investors. However, the maker fees is relatively high, from 0 to 0.60 percent, depending upon the level of investment. In addition, feedback for this service is pooted as the customer support needs to be fixed. There is also a wild rumor about the closing of this platform.

4. Crypto.com Is The Best Platform For Mobile Apps.


The ratings for crypto.com is 4.7.

Comparison of companies

If we compare crypto.com with other crypto markets, it is evident that this app is best for mobile crypto exchange services. This is because it offers trading of digital coins at an extensive level and invests in the ecosystem, which can be easily assessed from your phones.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The advantages include a vast range of cryptocurrency products and the support of around 250 cryptocurrencies. The only disadvantage this company has includes poor customer service to its users.

Methodologies and overview

This crypto came into being in 2016 and has set itself among the global leaders of crypto exchange. It offers support to almost 250 cryptos along with services to 90 countries. It has an ecosystem that comprises its blockchain. It also possesses a crypto organization chain called CRO, yield-forming cryptocurrency products, crypto visa cards, and many more.

The most popular reason for this currency is its web-based exchange platform with a watered-down version. This company has emphasized creating an application that provides a variety of features and products which can benefit the users in the ecosystem of this exchange.

The mobile app version of the company offers purchasing, selling, earning, payments, and trading with crypto. The disadvantage, like many cryptocurrencies, is needing more exceptional customer support. This platform also offers a trading fee of up to 0.075 percent for more significant investments.

5. Gemini Is Regarded As The Best Application For Security Purposes


The ratings for this platform are 4.6 according to the experience of users.

Comparison of companies

When it comes to the security providers among the best cryptocurrency exchanges, Gemini stands out for trusted cryptocurrency exchange. It also offers insurance for investments as well as SOC certification.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Its advantages include its availability in more than 50 United States, highly liquid state, fund insurance, and string framework for security. The disadvantage involves the high fee and lower support for digital currencies compared to competing companies.

Methodologies and overview

This platform was launched in 2014 by Cameron and Tyler. This platform is famous for emphasizing the compliance and strong security measures for digital currency. This Newyork-based company offers insurance plans for their wallets so that their users and investment can be secured during a security breach. This company also provides a complete identity confirmation process for a reduced fraud rate.

For safety purposes, this platform also allows the two-factor authentication system, which offers the options of device approval and reviewing for the login process. It is also SOC 2 certified, meaning a third-party confirmation is involved in the security and login process.

This platform is typically created for advanced-level traders, so a professionally graded trading system that supports almost 100 digital currencies and tokens is established. This platform also uses reward cards enabling users to pay and receive through digital currency.

Gemini offers an active central platform that provides a variety of fee structures for investors. Fixed amounts range up to 1.49 percent for smaller investors on an investment of 200 dollars. The maker-taker fee on this platform is around 0.4 percent which reduces as the investment volume grows. While considering the high-security protocols, the price is of little importance. Gemini is a much-appreciated platform if you want to invest in complete security.

6. Bitmart Exchange is the best platform for Altcoins:


The rating for this platform is 4.4.

Comparison of companies

The comparison of this company with other global crypto exchanges offers an overview that the support of crypto in this company is more excellent than the rest. It supports almost one thousand cryptocurrencies and serves nearly 180 countries.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Its support for many currencies stands first if we talk about its advantages. The second is the earning opportunities, while the third best feature of this platform is purchasing and selling options. This platform’s disadvantages included poor customer feedback and large-scale hacking in 2021.

Methodologies and overview of Bitmart

This platform was created in 2017 and is available in over 180 countries. It allows 1000 cryptocurrencies and tokens with the facility of purchasing, selling, and storing. It is the best platform for the meager and small investments. Investors trying to create portfolios appreciate this platform.

Bitmart offers a variety of trading pairs and digital assets compared to its competitors. It also provides interest on the sale and purchase through earning feature. The discounts on the digital currency can be availed by using the native token of this exchange, I.e., BMX.

This platform is only limited to small and initial investors, but it is false. It holds a lot more to offer to the experienced and mega investors. This company went through a downfall due to low-quality customer services, payment withdrawal issues, non-transparent transactions, and the security breach in 2021. Altogether this company faced a loss of around 196 million dollars but later showed some positive results and good service.

7. Cash App is regarded as the best platform for Bitcoin:


The rating for this platform is 4.2.

Comparison of companies

It offers the secure and seamless purchase, sale, storage and trade bitcoin even through a mobile phone.

Advantages and Disadvantages

There are many disadvantages, including its interface, which is easy to use, easy withdrawals, and support to the lightening network of Bitcoin. The disadvantages include the custodial wallets, limitations of the deposits, and only support for selling Bitcoin.

Methodologies and overview

This trading platform came into being in 2013. The cash app has formally been known as Square. This application allows transactions in the United Kingdom and the United States for investment, banking, spending, and sending. It is more like a banking app that allows one to one payment process except for investment. The users of this application have the potential to invest in Bitcoin, Live Stocks, and EFTs. This platform also allows users to withdraw their digital currency in third-party wallets.

The fame of this crypto market has its starting point when its CEO announced support for Bitcoin as well as lightning transactions and instant transfers with almost no fee. The drawback of this application is that this app offers custodial crypto wallet, and only Bitcoins can be used in this app.

After withdrawing the digital currency, you can hold your currency, private wallets, and their keys in your access. The fee applied by the app is only visible when the user confirms a transaction. During the trade with Bitcoins, an extra spread fee and mid-pricing are applied by the app.

8. Bisq is regarded as the best app for decentralized exchanges


The rating for BISQ is 3.3.

Comparison of companies

For decentralized exchange, this exchange offers security and privacy to purchase and sell cryptocurrency.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The best advantage of this platform is that it is globally available. It offers various transaction methods, which range up to 50+ types. It does not require identity verification and offers higher levels of security.

The disadvantages include low speed, low trading volumes, and unavailability for active trading.

Methodologies and overview

This application was created 2014 as an open-sourced digital currency and trading software, allowing global users to trade in cryptocurrency one-to-one. The support this application offers is almost 120 digital assets.

This application does not bind its users to the identity verification process. It also offers unlimited ways for advance trade and payments. The users on this platform can openly trade, purchase, sell, and transfer digital currency through the method of their choice, including cash transfers, wire transfer, and ACH transfers.

BIsq is regarded as one of the oldest yet most famous and easy to use platform as the basis of cryptocurrency, and this forum is almost similar, including sovereignty, privacy, decentralization, etc. Despite all the plus points, this exchange could be more user-friendly. Escrow is used in programming this program, allowing one-to-one payments and transactions. The execution of transactions and trade is slower and is not supportable for active centralized trading across the globe.

For the mega investors with investments who always prefer BISQ for decentralized trading, there is everything anyone can dream of. The process of this platform is like untraditional brokerage forums; the members of this platform are not linked with the security and legal teams. The chances of losing digital currency are much higher on this platform.

Ranking of the best crypto exchange platforms in table

Ranking of the Best Crypto Exchange Platforms in Table

In the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrencies, choosing the right exchange platform can make a significant difference in your trading experience. Factors such as transaction fees, supported currencies, security measures, and user-friendliness play a crucial role in determining the best platform for individual needs. To assist you in making an informed decision, we’ve compiled a table that ranks some of the best crypto exchange platforms based on their unique selling points and key features:

CompanyBest ForTransaction FeesCurrenciesMinimum Deposit or PurchaseTrade Limits
BinanceLow Fees & Most Reputable0.00% to 0.10% (Varies based on VIP level & BNB usage)350+$0Yes
KrakenLow Fees & Experienced Traders0.00% to 0.26%200+$1No
CoinbaseBeginners0.00% to 0.60%200+$2Yes
Crypto.comBest Mobile App0.00% to 0.075%250+$1Yes
GeminiBest for Security0.0% to 0.40% for active trader, 1.49% for regular platform80+VariesYes
BitMartBest for Altcoins0.045% to 0.25%1,500+$50 for Bitmart purchasesNo
Cash AppBest for BitcoinVaries1$1Yes
BisqBest Decentralized Exchange0.1% to 0.70%120+Not DisclosedNo

This table provides a snapshot of each platform’s strengths and offerings, helping you navigate the vast crypto landscape with ease. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or a beginner, this ranking can serve as a valuable guide in your crypto journey.

Why should you trust this review?

  • We have reviewed almost 28 crypto exchanges.
  • We have considered almost 41 exchange features.
  • We have analyzed 1148 data points.
  • We have used almost 50 data resources.

These are the essential points that help an investor to go through the basic features required for better working and proper strategy development of the digital currency. Some factors, including decentralized finance, investing in crypto and ICOs (initial coin offerings), etc., are considered volatile, extremely risky, and speculative. This blog article offers a general view of the recommendations and suggestions made by professionals in the field. This publication does not contain legal suggestions and procedures, so it is always better to go through the official and legal procedures to get all the investment benefits.

The basis of this ranking comprises four components:

  • Ratings
  • Comparison of companies
  • Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Methodologies and overview


If you are an investor searching for a cryptocurrency platform for investment or trade purposes, it is always best to search for a platform that offers the same goals as you have set for your business. The security essentials, offers, purchase, sale, investment, and transfer procedures should match your goals and ambitions.

After carefully considering all the aspects, it is always better to probe deeply and invest in the platform. Like every investor, if you want to make a huge turnover in the trading process while paying a low fee and having the best trading experience, you can choose from the above mentioned platforms.