BitMart: A Global Cryptocurrency Exchange: All Information + A Review

Every cryptocurrency investor has faced the issue of selecting an appropriate exchange for their investments and profit ratio. In this whole struggle, you may have come across various exchanges that offer a variety of deals. In the present blog, we will review one of the leading and most famous cryptocurrency exchanges, which is termed Bitmart.

We have analyzed many other crypto exchanges, such as Binance, Kraken, and Bibox, and compared them on the basis of their working criteria, advantages, and disadvantages.  Through this blog, we will help you pick out one of the cryptocurrency exchanges that can help you in the best possible way.

What is Bitmart?

This blog is linked to the Bitmart exchange and sticks to the details related to the Bitmart exchange. Let’s explore Bitmart for a better experience with the cryptocurrency exchange.

Bitmart is one of the most famous global crypto exchanges, and it is quite famous for cryptocurrency trades and earning in crypto. It also offers certain services, which include DeFi services. It also offers some advanced trading features, along with the NFT marketplace.

The loophole of this crypto exchange is that it has gone through a successful hacking attempt in December 2021, which has caused a loss of 196 million dollars to the crypto exchange.

It is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, with branches in 180 countries and a user base of 5.5 million. The launching ceremony was done in the Cayman Islands in 2017. It has its official offices in South Korea, China, and the United States.

Does BitMart have an app?

Yes, Bitmart has an application that allows its users to have connections and trade all over the world. This app offers exchange services in addition to buying and selling cryptocurrency. The users can also enjoy the facilities of futures and margin trading on the Bitmart app.

What cryptocurrencies does BitMart support?

Bitmart is one of the largest crypto exchanges, offering more than 1,000 digital assets. It also offers advanced features, which include margin trading, future trading, and a global customer base. It also offers trading in some of the most famous crypto coins, which include Ethereum, DogeCoin, Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, and many others. It also has a variety of newly introduced and less famous crypto coins.

How does BitMart operate?

After getting its bases, Bitmart is continuously evolving. In 2018, the official token of Bitmart was released, which is known as BMX (Bitmart Token). This token offers a major discount to all the users, in addition to a variety of benefits and advantages. It also has a variety of features, which include future trading, derivative trading, margin trading, OTC trading, and much more. These trading types ensure crypto investors have leverage in their crypto investments.

Features Of Bitmart  

The operational features of Bitmart are mentioned in the following lines:

Cryptocurrency selection With Trading Fees 

Bitmart offers a variety of cryptocurrency and digital assets, which is way more than the other cryptocurrency trading platforms. Users can exchange, sell, and buy cryptocurrency easily. The trading fees are also as per the expectations of the users. It offers derivatives trading, spot trading, and futures trading at a relatively low trading fee structure. Bitmart withdrawal fees are also low as compared to other cryptoassets.

Futures Contract Trading, Margin Trading And over-the-counter Trading 

The Bitmart app is not just about exchange, buying, and selling; it also offers margin trading, futures trading, crypto trading, spot trading, and over-the-counter trading functions with the lowest trading fee. Bitmart Exchange is a legitimate cryptocurrency exchange.

The leverage offered by the Bitmart app to its users is up to 100 percent. It also offers its users a hustle-free experience and speculations on market trends. It should be kept in mind that all crypto investment in the margin and future trading carries high risks, which is not usually recommended for many users.

Lending Services  

The best way to earn passive income and invest is through Bitmart lending services. Bitmart is one of the legitimate cryptocurrency exchanges with diversified system functions. It also possesses an advanced risk control system along with a financial crime enforcement network. The Bitmart customers are offered a high ratio of profit and investments through passive crypto lending options. Bitmart customers are also offered multiple payment methods.

Procedure for Bitmart Lending  
  1. For Bitmart lending participation, you should subscribe immediately.
  2. After subscription, the required token will be locked automatically.
  3. The next step is receiving the locked token.
  4. The interest will be accrued to the Bitmart accounts of the users when the process is completed.
  5. The interest rate can vary from 5 percent to 120 percent on an annual basis.

Earning Through Bitmart  

There are certain techniques for earning through Bitmart. It is one of the favorite methods of investors that can be used to earn passive income. The income process can be achieved by fulfilling the following options:

  • Staking  
  • Savings  
  • Dual investments  
  • Bitmart NFT Marketplace   

Let’s go through these investments’ strategies in detail for a better investment, income, and ROI strategy.


The process of staking is when a user locks his cryptographic assets on the blockchain networks. After locking, the transcriptions are validated on the blockchains, which in turn offer rewards as per the proportions of the locked tokens. With the help of staking, the funds get locked for 30–90 days, which in return earns rewards for staking at Bitmart.


The savings option at Bitmart offers a high percentage of APY, up to 50 percent. The range of savings that Bitmart offers through its digital assets ranges from stable coins to large capital investments and newly introduced coins as well. The stable coins include USDT and USDC, etc. The larger investment coins include Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc. The range of Newly invented coins includes DHLT, VCG, FND, etc. The only constraint on this feature is that it is not available to all US customers.

Dual investments  

The Bitmart app has a unique feature, which is dual investment. This feature allows users to exchange the two currencies in a single trading pair. The trading pairs are available on the website of Bitmart. The most famous trading pairs include Eth/USD, Btc/USDC, Bch/USDC, etc.

The users are given the following facilities:

  • They can choose the trading pair of their preference.
  • They can choose a method of their choice, i.e., buying low and selling high.
  • They can enter a subscription and choose the settled amount as per their convenience.
  • The users have the facility of hedging against price fluctuations.
  • The users can earn stable coins and cryptographic assets.
  • This feature is unavailable for US users.

Bitmart NFT Marketplace  

The NFT marketplace of Bitmart is focused on bringing the NFT communities, artists, collectors, and enthusiasts together, which helps them in the creation, purchase, and trade of certain unique as well as the best NFTs in the world.

The only requirement for the Bitmart NFT marketplace is the creation of an account. The supported tokens on the Bitmart marketplace include ERC-721 tokens. The details of these tokens can be found on Ether.

Launchpad Of Bitmart  

The place for getting excited and new deals regarding the tokens is the Bitmart Launchpad. This Bitmart launched project is created solely for this purpose is named the X2 project. This project offers support for start-up investors. The requirement of this project is to transfer a certain amount to the BMX. When this amount touches the limit of one million, the project token is entered into the BMX market and paired with the BMX account.

The Institution Of BMX  

The Bitmart institution is used for educating the mega-investors, which enables them to become greater brokers and market participants who can later earn rewards and participate in OTC trading. After becoming a broker, you can have your own listings. For this purpose, you must fulfill certain directions, requirements, and features. Overall, this platform is quite helpful for mega-investors who want to expand their businesses to new heights.

Is BitMart FIAT-Crypto or Crypto-Crypto exchange?

Bitmart also offers an NFT marketplace, which offers trading in NFT for a competitive fee and NFT tokens. The model used in Bitmart is taker and maker, which has definite standards for determining fee structure. The trading fees start at 0.25 percent, which decreases with trading volume. This means that when the trading volume increases, the trading fee decreases, and vice versa.

Does BitMart offer staking?

You can avail of the features of staking and saving at Bitmart. Bitmart offers a comprehensive service for its clients that can fulfill all their expectations and requirements.

Safety and Legitimacy of BitMart  

Another concern that is usually raised by users is about the safety and legitimacy of the platform. Let’s go through these points to make Bitmart a valid choice for your investment schedule.

Is BitMart safe?

Yes, Bitmart is definitely one of the safest apps and platforms you can use. It is one of the safest apps and is used by millions of people across the globe. With its millions of users, Bitmart uses a variety of features to secure its platform; hence, it is considered one of the safest apps. It ensures your investment, time, and data together, which can make you proceed with the investment, trade, and sales in a seamless manner.

As per the official website of Bitmart, the system controls risk and other suspicious activities through a hybrid model. This hybrid model works with hot and cold wallets, along with the signature technologies.

It is mandatory to mention here that a successful hacking attempt was made in 2021, resulting in a loss of 196 million dollars. As per resources, the hackers have taken the keys of two hot wallets to get access to the funds and later hijacked the whole crypto exchange. However, the company issued a public notice that all the users would get their investments, savings, and crypto amounts they had in their wallets before the hijacking attempt.

How does BitMart ensure the security of user funds and data?

Bitmart is one of the most secure platforms when it comes to the safety of funds and data. Security is the basic concern of every investor, and Bitmart keeps their interest and trust level higher than ever. Bitmart has introduced many risk control and enhanced security systems that use machine learning and big data usage policies for the detection of any abnormal behavior or suspicious activities in real time. It has also used many graded networks (banking and financial) for the security of the platform. The security of finance, savings, investments, and data of the users is the prime focus of this platform.

Is BitMart legit?

Yes, Bitmart is 100 percent legit. It is a legal process, as we have mentioned in the above segment. The security of data and finances requires a legal process to be completed.

In addition to the aforementioned piece of information, Bitmart is also used as an MSB (money service business) in the USA. It has legal contracts with financial crimes enforcement network. It is one of the legal crypto exchanges dealing in crypto trading throughout the USA. All these aspects make the Bitmart exchange legit.

Managing Finances on BitMart 

The next issue that is usually faced by users is managing their finances on Bitmart. There is no complex process for that. All you have to know about the general terms, rules, and navigational guide We have previously uploaded a blog that offers first-hand and comprehensive information on the topic.

How do I add money to BitMart?

Adding money to Bitmart is a piece of cake. For this purpose, you must follow certain simple steps:

  1. Open the bitmart app, log into your bitmart account and select the deposit option 
  2. Choose your crypto and proceed with the network choice of TRC20.
  3. Copy or scan the network in the sender items.
  4. Follow the given directions, and you have successfully deposited the amount in your account.

What payment methods does BitMart accept?

Users are offered plenty of options when it comes to Bitmart. You can use debit and credit cards (Visa and Mastercard are preferred options), PayPal, bank transfers, and fiat currencies including CAD, USD, EUR, and many others. You will definitely have a splendid trading experience bitmart.

Are there any deposit limits or fees?

Bitmart does not charge any fees for deposits. The withdrawal fee depends on the withdrawal amount. The larger amounts have a low fee, while the smaller amounts have a high withdrawal fee. The fee structure is tiered at the Bitmart exchange.

How do I withdraw money from BitMart?

Withdrawal is also a simple procedure, just like the deposit. For balance withdrawal, you have to  

  • Log in to your account.
  • Go to the main page and select withdrawal.
  • Select the currency and amount.
  • Select the withdrawal option.
  • Select the currency, and simply withdraw the amount into your bank account by following the given instructions.

Are there any restrictions or limits on withdrawing funds?

The restrictions on withdrawal limits are usually dependent on the bank and less on Bitmart. Usually, banks allow 3000 to 10,000 dollars per day through ATMs.

What are BitMart trading fees?

The model used in Bitmart is taker and maker, which has definite standards for determining fee structure. The fee starts at 0.25 percent, which reduces with trading volume. This means that when the trading volume increases, the trading fee decreases, and vice versa.

Customer Service and Support on BitMart 

The basic concern of almost every user and investor about customer support is valid because, in case of any issue or turbulence, customer support is the only thing that can help you out. Let’s know some aspects of Bitmart customer service and support.

How good is BitMart customer service?

Bitmart has excellent customer service. It offers live support, live chat, tickets, and an email support option. Customer service is available almost 24/7.

What channels are available for reaching customer support?

There are various channels that are helping the Bitmart customer service. The customer can contact the platform’s representatives through chat, phone, email, social media, a self-service knowledge base, and customer forums.

What is the average response time for BitMart customer service?

The average and estimated time limit for Bitmart customer service is around five business days.

Accessibility and Regulatory Compliance of BitMart 

We are well aware of the fact that, as a customer, you must have been looking for the accessibility and regulatory compliance of Bitmart. We will cover the concerns of our worthy users in this section.

Is BitMart available in the U.S.?

US citizens can trade on Bitmart and use the Bitmart app. The only features that are unavailable to Bitmart US users include Bitmart’s earn and lend products.

What Services Does BitMart Offer to U.S. Residents?

Bitmart offers the following services to US residents:

  • Spot trading 
  • Margin trading 
  • Futures trading 
  • Trade crypto
  • Secure earning 
  • NFTs and APIs 
  • Buying and selling of cryptos 
  • Bitmart institution 

What is BitMart KYC Trap? 

The first thing to make things clear is that KYC is not at all a trap. It is the abbreviation for “Know Your Customer”. The users who want to have their investment process legal have no issues with KYC procedure. The KYC process is a troublemaker for the illegal activities and hacking procedures. 

How Does BitMart’s KYC Process Work? 

The KYC process for all crypto exchanges works in almost similar manner. The customers are asked to verify their personal information which includes their identity card, email and other documentation which includes their nationality and personal information being the citizens of a country. Bitmart exchange also takes the personal information of their customers and do not share or forward data without the consent of the customers. 

Why is It Referred to as a ‘Trap’? 

It is a trap for the hackers and people with illegal assets. The KYC procedure requires the personal information. When you enter the bank details, you must verify the earning source to the bank which is directly linked with the financial regulatory authorities.