Cryptocurrency deaths

What people always wish for is longevity along with wealth. It is one of the most desired combinations, but it does not usually go hand in hand. Many people had enough wealth but could not purchase more life. The present blog is also about cryptocurrency deaths. 

The world of cryptocurrency has seen the death of five billionaires in the last two months of 2022. Surprisingly, four billionaires died in a single month, and a fifth died after a month of fourth death. The deaths do not seem to be violent. There were life threats to the murdered people as one of the billionaires tweeted some hours before his assassination that he was receiving life threats from the assassins for being at their target. Later, he was found dead with the apparent cause of drowning. 

The deaths of all five billionaires seem to be a conspiracy theory against them due to some factors. These factors involve that all deceased men were young billionaires and high-profile people who died one after the other in just two months. 

In the present blog, we will discuss two of those high profiles murders which took place in a single month. Let’s start our blog with the first one. 

Nikolai Mushegian 

The first person on the list of cryptocurrency-related deaths is Nicolai Mushegain. He was just 29 years old. He was serving as the co-founder of Maker DAO, which was working as the crypto lending platform. Additionally, he was also serving the decentralized stablecoin DAI.

Mossad And Pedo Elite Involved in the Crypto Billionaire’s Death in Crypto World

On Oct 28, 2022, at 4:57 in the morning, this billionaire crypto businessman tweeted on his official Twitter handle that he was the target of Israeli and US intelligence agencies. There is another organization named Pedo Elite involved with the formerly mentioned agencies. They have all planned and set to murder him. 

Nicolai Mushegain tweeted that the formerly mentioned Israeli intelligence agencies were backing some sex trafficking in Caribbean Islands and Puerto Rico. He accused Israeli intelligence agencies and US agencies of allegedly being involved in backing evil people. Those evil people of pedo elite are running a kind of sex trafficking. They were also involced in the sex trafficking entrapment blackmail and trafficking entrapment blackmail ring.

Mossad and Pedo Elite collectively have planted a girl (allegedly his ex gf) who happened to be a spy. They tried to frame him in a laptop. According to him, Mossad and the Pedo elite will torture him to death because he provided the substitute of a decentralized blockchain financial system in comparison to the traditional banking system. 

This seems to be one of the conspiracy theories among the crypto billionaires, crypto community, and crypto industry because he was regarded as the crypto king of the crypto world. The following morning, he was later found dead on his beach house (worth 6 million dollars). The area where he found death was known for a certain number of deaths occurred due to the high tides and powerful currents. 

According to the police reports, he was swept away by the ocean tides as Condado Beach is known for the eight deaths. He was regarded as a visionary and brilliant-minded person in the cryptocurrency industry but also paranoid. His family also confirmed that he died by drowning. 

Javier Biosca 

The second name on the list of crypto deaths that occurred is Javier Biosca. The death date of Javier Biosca is recorded on Nov 22, 2022, in Spain. It is stated that at the time of their death, he was facing an investigation for the biggest cryptocurrency fraud that happened in Spain.

He was 50 years old and was a native of Spain. He has a background of having a small local business before getting the position of the initial investor in the bitcoin cryptocurrency. 

By profession, he was known to be a web designer. He invented a program that allows the automated crypto trading system. Later in 2019, he met with the algorithms group London which caters to small investors who entered the cryptocurrency market for trading and investments. 

According to the people close to him, he was a quiet person. He had an accountant’s demeanor. He also wooed many investors with promises of an ROI of 25 percent weekly. What he was doing was, he was running a Ponzi scheme. 

The primary victims of a Ponzi scheme are ordinary people who like to invest their money to double up their investments. Javier Biosca worked proficiently by hiring a PR team for these purposes. The initial investors get some profit back, but the last investors get nothing.

They are left empty-handed because the runners of the Ponzi scheme put all the investments (hundreds of millions) aside and ran away from the country without letting anyone know. 

For running a Ponzi scheme, many Algorithms groups filed a complaint against him, which resulted in an arrest on fraud charges, and he ended up in a criminal investigation.

He was charged with forging documentation, money laundering, fraudulent activities, and supervising a criminal organization. He allegedly jumped off from the 5th floor to escape the investigations. His death was tagged as a suicide attempt.