Moeda is building a more inclusive and egalitarian world - starting with finance.

We facilitate access to financing and offer technical support to businesses through the Moeda Seed Program while adhering to the UN Sustainable Development Goals in order to provide projects to contributors through our platform who are seeking a more just world.

Moeda’s Journey

March, 2017
Moeda is founded.
March, 2017
Taynaah Reis hosted the SDG Blockchain Hackathon. The winner team started Moeda.
April, 2017
Alpha version of the App is developed by Taynaah Reis.
May, 2017
Moeda partner with UNICAFES to join efforts to provide technical assistance to the Moeda Seed Projects and to bring it’s network of 1.100 cooperatives onboard.
June, 2017
Moeda opens it’s holding company on Uruguai, an innovative legal structure, the first blockchain company on Free Trade Zone.
August, 2017
ICO – Moeda raises on private sales 20M dollars in 2 weeks.
September, 2017
CEO, Taynaah Reis joins the Brazilian Congress special commission on regulation of virtual currencies to define the future of cryptocurrencies in Brazil.
September, 2017
The Brazilian Central Bank acknowledges our business model on national live TV.
September, 2017
Moeda token is listed on Binance, top 10 exchange in the world.
October, 2017
CEO presents Moeda at the United Nations General Assembly, SDG Impact Zone.
October, 2017
Moeda finances the first Farmers production in Brazil.
October, 2017
CEO introduces Moeda to Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Prize, the “father of microcredit” and the Grameen Bank.
October, 2017
Moeda’s CEO is featured on FORBES as the most 12 innovative young leaders to watch and learn from.
November, 2017
CEO validates Moeda business model with UN leaders, policy makers and academia at the Graduate Institute of Geneva.
November, 2017
Moeda launches at the UN COP23 the Blockchain Initiative on Climate change to track and measure project commitments.
November, 2017
Moeda launches in China at the Microsoft Blockchain and Industry Global Conference.
November, 2017
Taynaah launched Moeda at the ICA International Cooperative Alliance Conference, the first cryptocurrency for cooperatives in the world.
January, 2018
Moeda launches in Europe in Davos at World Economic Forum.
February, 2018
Moeda system architecture is deployed. Compliance and administrative system is ready for submit, track and evaluate Moeda Seed Projects.
April, 2018
Taynaah gives a TEDx Talk about Moeda. Blockchain – The Revolution of Trust.
June, 2018
Moeda’s Blockchain Projects audit log is deployed on IBM hyperledger fabric composer. Projects can be tracked with transparency.
July, 2018
Moeda forms a partnership with ProMujer NGO in order to expand its operations to Latin America
August, 2018
Release of the first Seed Project
September, 2018
Moeda’s BRL fiat pegged token is deployed and ready to use on Moeda's ecosystem.
October, 2018
Digital Account and Wallet released for the public.
October, 2018
The Seed Project: Sustainable Coffee is open to investment
October, 2018
MDABRL is launched - Moeda's new token, paired with the brazilian currency (Real).
November, 2018
UNICAFES-BNDES-Moeda Call for Tender is published. It focuses on family farming cooperative projects that promote social inequality reduction, social-productive inclusion, and territorial development.
November, 2018
Cold Brew 5 O’ Coffee, produced by the Seed Project: Sustainable Coffee is launched at the International Coffee Week in Brazil.
November, 2018
The Seed Project COOPEREDE is open to investment: Community Production, Phase 1.
December, 2018
Moeda’s Official Launch event takes place in Brasília, Brazil.
December, 2018
Partnership with Binance is announced: Moeda’s ecosystem starts to accept BNB
December, 2018
Early payback for the Seed Project Cooperval: Craft Beer.
January, 2019
Release of MDA Loyal - an exclusive Moeda token used in Moeda Loyalty Program and marketing campaigns.
February, 2019
A marketing campaign for the Chinese New Year distributes MDA LOYAL.
February, 2019
Release of Moeda Go! - Moeda’s online game for mobile phones.
February, 2019
The new token MDAX is exclusively created to award players who score points in online games.
Mars, 2019
Marketing campaign with Brazilian Digital Influencers.
Mars 2019
Moeda makes available transfers operations between user accounts in its ecosystem.
Mars, 2019
Marketing campaign for the International Women’s Day: MDA Loyal distribution to women.
Mars, 2019
Moeda and Bamboo Capital Partners announce BLOC - an International Investment Fund exclusively created for companies that use new technologies to bring solutions to socio-environmental problems.
Mars, 2019
Moeda’s CEO announces a partnership with the Government of Togo during the Africa CEO Forum.
April, 2019
Moeda implements the PIN code feature to add an extra layer of security to the operations performed on its platform.
April, 2019
Moeda’s CEO is featured on Lattice80 - FinTech4Good as the Top 100 Fintech for SDG Influencers.
May, 2019
The first MoedaLive session goes on air: a live chat with Moeda’s CEO on YouTube to foster closeness and transparency.
July, 2019
Release of Moeda Digital Account.
July, 2019
A new Seed Project is open to investment.
July, 2019
Moeda launches Moeda Pay - an online payment system.
July, 2019
Moeda launches its MasterCard Debit proprietary card.
August, 2019
Moeda presents its new operation that focuses on nano and microcredit.
September, 2019
Moeda starts its own Receivables Investment Fund (FDIC, in Portuguese).
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Our founders

These professionals had been working together even before Moeda was launched. Everything started with them and they will be always around.

Taynaah Reis

CEO, founder and chairwoman
Taynaah Reis is a self-taught software engineer known for her vast professional experience and work in projects that seek to meet UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and is a consistent participant in global discussions regarding future steps in social and economic affairs. Taynaah is visionary and driven by her true purpose of changing the reality of communities that are economically excluded. She is currently the CEO of Moeda.

Brad Chun

Co Founder and Vice Chair
Brad has founded or invested in numerous ventures. He is very active in the blockchain / cryptocurrency space and became interested in Bitcoins in 2010 when he first experimented with the technology. Prior to his most recent roles, Brad was at GE Capital, Deutsche Bank, and Reservoir Capital. He earned his B.S. from Boston College in 2002 with concentrations in Computer Science, Finance, and Strategic Operations Management and received his M.S. Finance from Pace University in 2010.

Isa Yu

Co Founder & Director of Cryptomarket and Investors Relation
Isa Yu is a Blockchain supporter with the belief that the decentralized technology will help industries be more transparent and efficient. She has been actively trading cryptocurrencies and doing technology consulting in Blockchain space since 2014. Isa is also a liberal feminist, believing women should have freedom to make choices for her own life and be treated equally. Isa holds mathematics degree from Penn State University.

Our Team

Technology is important but not enough to get all this hard work done: Moeda is made of real people. Our team members are spread across the world, playing different roles and with completely different life stories. However, we all share the same goal: to promote social impact in the world.

Our Advisors

Besides its permanent team, Moeda also takes valuable advice from respected professionals who are world experts in their areas.

Moeda in the Media

The use of technology as a facilitating tool to promote social impact is still something new and is part of various trends that are being widely discussed worldwide. As a result of this, Moeda has been appearing in different means of communication about different topics and has been helping to develop this conversation even further.

Moeda for Press

If you wish to hold an interview with Moeda or write an article about us, please contact us at
Download our press kit with the logos and other material that can be used as digital and print media.Download Press Kit (zip)