Best Canadian Crypto Exchanges

The present blog deals with crypto exchanges in Canada. Like the rest of the World, crypto exchange is one of the most hyped subjects and investment fields in Canada as well. The present blog deals with the crypto exchange and its working criteria.   

Working Criteria Of A Canadian Crypto Exchange

The working criterion of a crypto exchange includes crypto trading, trading fee, best crypto exchanges, crypto investors, low trading fees, crypto assets, competitive trading fees, crypto trades, trading volume at a trading platform, withdrawal fees for digital assets, and bank account linking. It also includes the opportunities a trustworthy crypto exchange offers for secure crypto exchange, crypto holdings, and cold storage of fiat currency for crypto users.   

When it comes to Canadian crypto investors, they always like to trade crypto cheapest crypto platform where they can get the following facilities:   

  • advanced trading tools   
  • bank transfers for fiat currencies   
  • user-friendly interface   
  • extremely low trading fees for trading crypto, bank transfer, and bank wire transfers.   
  • The exchange supports crypto coins and other digital assets theft with robust security measures.   
  • Crypto rewards are always a treat for most crypto investors.   

Finding the best crypto exchange is challenging because many digital platforms offer significant and expressive services for boosting your investments and crypto trades. The choice of platforms is one of the fundamental reasons which can affect your ROI to a great extent. After thorough, purposeful research, we have compiled a whole list of the best Canadian crypto exchanges that offer supreme features for being the investor’s priority and choice at the same time. Let’s start our blog to get the best crypto exchange in Canada.   

Before choosing anything for business purposes, there are specific set criteria that business investors can always pay attention to. If you are an investor, you must have some point in your mind with absolute clarity which can never be compromised.   

The choice of a specific platform has a deep link with a return on investment. Every investor desires to get something in return. If the selected crypto exchange offers you something or costs you less than your profit, there will be meager chances that you will keep your investments at the platform for future trading sessions.   

Essential points must be considered before selecting and searching for a crypto exchange. Let it be security, return on investment, regulatory compliance, the privacy of confidential information, anonymity, reliability, and much more. After clarifying your motives, you should start researching the crypto exchange.   

Mandatory Factors For Selection of Crypto Exchange   

Certain crucial factors should be a supreme priority of every Canadian investor before choosing a crypto exchange to trade their digital assets. Let’s go through these factors. After carefully considering these factors, we will move toward the specifications of each crypto set. Before choosing a crypto exchange to trade their digital assets, let’s go through these factors. Let’s go through these factors; we will move towards the specifications of each crypto exchange to get a brief idea of which crypto exchange in Canada offers the best services in which domain.  


The first and foremost factor which should be the primary concern of every Canadian investor is trading fees. There should be no unnecessary payments for your trade on a specific crypto exchange. Additionally you should constantly evaluate the commission rate and ratio set by the crypto exchanges. Some digital platforms offer services at a high cost and commission rate, which is considered disadvantageous for the investor. It would be best if you always looked for a crypto exchange offering a low fee structure for novice and experienced traders.  


the second important aspect which should be of essential importance to the investors is the interface; the interface should always be intuitive. It is one of the vital requirements for novice traders. All Canadian traders want a crypto platform that is easier to understand and navigate. A confusing interface does not make a customer comfortable with the trade sessions. 

The interface should have less complexity, which compels the investors to learn the etymology of crypto terms. The best interface is the one that is streamlined for novice traders. at the same time, it should offer enough features which can successfully satisfy the requirements of seasoned traders 


the most important point is access to the account. If you have access to the account for logins, transfers, transactions, and other financial issues, the crypto exchange offers you ample support. Before selecting the crypto exchange, you should always look for account financing options. These account financing options should include credit cards, debit cards, e-transfers, and inter-banking. additionally, make sure that these account financing options are with low fee structures

Cold storage 

the third factor which is not neglectable is the availability of cold storage. The best Canadian crypto exchanges offer their customers the security and safety of their investments. They also provide insurance so that their funds are protected. The best way to do so is to offer cold storage to the users. The cold storage enables the users to use their crypto wallets and mobile app. They can use their mobile applications offline. With the help of cold storage, users can use their cryptocurrency with premium security and peace of mind. 

Advanced Trading Tools 

the next factor which weighs heavier than anything else is the availability of advanced trading features. The navigation is much easier with the advanced crypto trading tools. The crypto trading platform, which offers advanced trading tools, enables users to use charting tools for various order types, OTC desks, and much more. 

Regulatory Compliance 

another important feature is the regulatory compliance and license of the crypto exchange for legal operations. A licensed crypto trading platform will offer services under regulatory compliance, and you will never face any legal hindrance for any trade you have carried out in any currency. 

Responsive Customer Service 

appropriate and responsive customer service is the key to the best crypto exchange. The crypto exchanges in Canada offering crypto trading with responsive and quick customer service should be the favorite. Responsiveness means that whenever you ask them a question, put a fishy situation, or report a problem; they instantly offer their help and support to users for sorting out the issues. 

List Of Canadian Crypto Exchanges 

in the proceeding lines, there is a complete list of the crypto exchanges in Canada that offer g the level best services. These crypto exchanges are mentioned in the proceeding lines: 


BitBuy is regarded as one of the best crypto exchanges in Canada. It is one of the best platforms any Canadian citizen can look for. It is a safe as well as reliable cryptocurrency exchange. 

Trading Fees 

BitBuy offers transactions at a minimum rate of zero to two percent depending upon your trade volume. This means Canadian investors with high trade volume will be charged lower fees and vice versa. It is one of the cost-effective crypto exchanges with the lowest fee structures in Canada. If you want a trading platform with a standard fee structure, this platform is one of the best options. 

This platform has evolved over the period of time. It has lowered its fee structure and almost abolished its fee on many deposit and withdrawal options. There are minimal deposit and withdrawal fees. It has almost abolished its fee for many features. After this feature adoption, there was an estimated increase in the user ratio and transactional volume. Thus this crypto exchange has become Canada’s top crypto exchange. 

Customer Support 

if we talk about their customer support, it is quick and responsive. This platform also offers the validation of your credentials right at the moment. 

 Secure Crypto Exchange 

BitBuy is considered a high-end security offering crypto exchange offering premium features for buying, selling, and trading crypto. The confidence level over this crypto platform can be estimated to be over six billion. The customer rate is four lac and fifty thousand. It is one of the biggest marketplaces in Canada. This is known to be one of the trusted and experienced crypto platforms.

Notable Features

The notable features of BitBuy are illustrated in the proceeding lines:

  • It suits novice and seasoned traders because it offers the lowest trading fees.
  • It offers support to almost 25 crypto assets.
  • It offers solid mobile applications with high reviews secure.
  • It offers live chat and email customer service as well.
  • The assets and funds are stored in cold storage. This storage consists of 90 percent of funds available on BitBuy.

Fee Structure

  • The users have the facility to open their accounts for free.
  • The commission rate is limited to 0.1 percent to two percent only.
  • With Interac e-transfers and wire transfers, there is no fee for deposits.
  • For withdrawal through wire transfers and Interac e-transfers, there is a fee structure of 1.5 percent.
  • It is one of the best platforms for users and investors to keep their income safe, along with the services provided at a meager cost.


It is one of the best Canadian crypto exchanges, which offers support to 25 crypto coins. There is no fee for CAD deposits. This platform also provides a quick deposit of money by using the INTERAC- e-Transfers and through the wire transfer method, making this platform a superb option for traders to have a secure platform. 

Notable Features 

The notable features of CoinBerry are mentioned in the following lines: 

  • In total, it offers support to 25 cryptocurrencies. 
  • There is a facility for immediate confirmation of transactions. 
  • There is also the capacity for automatic purchasing depending upon the averaging price of the dollar. 

Mobile Application And Easy Navigation 

  • The mobile application of CoinBerry has five-star ratings. 
  • The novice and seasoned traders feel it easy to navigate through the ecosystem of cranberry. 

Fee Structure 

  • The deposits and withdrawals are free of any cost. 
  • The trading fee is estimated to be around zero to 2 percent. 
  • It is one of the best platforms for traders who want to buy cryptocurrency by using the technique of dollar averaging.  

Bitcoin Well 

‍Another good option to buy cryptocurrency in Canada is Bitcoin Well. This is one of the best companies offering a wide range of services. It is famous for its non-Custodial bitcoin services. There is a facility of 250 ATMs only in Canada in addition to the online portal and personal level services offered by this crypto trading platform in Canada. 

Manual And Online Services 

‍ the users have an open choice that they can buy bitcoin through visa, Befit Card, Online porta, or through Interac e-Transfers. This offers costs the users approximately 3k dollars for using Bitcoin well via an online app. Begin a trader; if you do not trust the mobile application, there is also the facility of a website. You must visit their website and check out their ATM locations. Through ATM, you can purchase bitcoins by using CAD cash. There is also a feature of selling bitcoins by using the Bitcoin Well. 

Bitcoin offers its services through a non-custodial point. This means all users must have their Bitcoin wallet for navigation and avail of the services provided on this platform. 

Notable Features 

The notable features of Bitcoin Well are mentioned in the proceeding lines: 

  • It offers 250 plus ATM locations across Canada. 
  • It provides a mobile application and a website portal to purchase bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies online. 
  • You can also avail manual services by using their ATM. 
  • The same procedure is required for the withdrawal process. 
  • There is also the facility for using fiat currency at their ATMs. 

Customer Support 

There is also the facility of live chat and email customer support which is prompt and on point. 

Trading Fee 

  • The trading fee depends upon the availed services. 
  • The online trading fee costs around 0.21 percent.  
  • There is also the facility of using cash, e-Transfers, and Visa Debit cards for purchases. 
  • It is one of the best platforms for beginner and seasoned users who want to use fiat currency for deposits and withdrawals. 
  • It is also the best option to handle your transactions manually. 


It is one of the best platforms which offer decentralized and non-custodial trading. This trading platform in Canada offers thousands of crypto assets backed up by the Ethereum blockchain. Due to the decentralized approach, it is available globally. 

Trade Over Smart Contracts 

This platform uses a wide range of smart contracts. These smart contracts, in return, increase the liquidity pool for trade conduction. It is one of the open-sourced projects. It is placed in the category of decentralized finance and is hence known to be a DeFi product. It thoroughly relies on smart contracts for enabling trade sessions.  

Automated Transactions 

This platform is designed to have automated transactions. This means that you can have transactions in various cryptocurrencies that rely on the Ethereum blockchain with the help of smart contracts. 

Decentralized Exchange and Cryptocurrency Exchange Simultaneously 

 It is one of the most excellent decentralized exchanges and the fourth large cryptocurrency exchange, as per the reports published in October 2020. It is offering its services at the global level. This crypto exchange has the highest trade volume. All a user must do is set their decentralized wallets up on this platform to connect with Uniswap and to trade crypto. 

Notable Features 

The notable features of Uniswap are mentioned in the proceeding lines: 

  • It offers its support to thousands of crypto coins. 
  • It increases its liquidity through Peer-to-peer trading sessions. 
  • It is a decentralized exchange, so the users are solely responsible for their crypto and fiat assets stored in their crypto cold wallets.  
  • The trading fee varies depending on the Ethereum Gas fees. 
  • It is one of the best platforms if you can manage the non-custodial wallet and get more grip on decentralized finance.

Bull Bitcoin 

It is one of the best noncustodial Bitcoin exchanges. This is specified for Bitcoin only. You can use it for Bitcoin services, bitcoin trade, purchasing and selling of Bitcoin, and payments through Bitcoin. 

Instant Transfers 

Bull Bitcoin is the bitcoin-specified option that enables you to get bitcoins a few minutes after the sign-up and transfer processes. 


This crypto exchange in Canada also offers a product known as Bylls, a bitcoin-selling product. Bull Bitcoin users can instantly send bitcoins to their accounts through this product. The same process can be repeated for receiving bitcoins into the account.

The receiving options include standard bills, Interact e-Transfers, ban accounts, credit cards, or through bull bitcoin balances. This product has been made available in the market since 2013. This system was first founded in the Bitcoin embassy located in Montreal. 

Trading Fees 

This crypto exchange in Canada is offering its service free of charge. The trading fee varies depending on the quantity and amount of bitcoins sold/ purchased. There is a 1.25 percent trading fee limit for every ten thousand dollars. 

Notable Features 

The notable features of this crypto exchange in Canada are the following: 

  • It offers support to bitcoins only. 
  • It provides its services through spread model fees. 
  • It is a noncustodial service provider. 
  • There is a high capacity for buying and selling bitcoins. 
  • This crypto trading exchange is best for investors who want a noncustodial service provider for bitcoins. 


It is only one of the crypto exchanges in Canada offering its services through its headquarters in Toronto. This crypto exchange offers alternative services as compared to a crypto exchange. It provides around 800 terminals across Canada for withdrawing, selling, and trading purposes. 

Supported Currencies 

The initial service of this crypto exchange was limited to bitcoins only, but gradually, it has spread its services, which include six varieties of tokens. These tokens include Ethereum, USDC, Cardano, DOgeCoin, and LIteCoin.  

Trading Fee 

These crypto coins are offered at market rate in addition to an exchange fee. The working criterion of this crypto exchange is quite similar to the regular currency exchanges providing their services for fiat money. 

There is a limit for fees. For CAD bill purchases, there is a fee of 3 dollars plus ten percent of the overall amount. For purchases from a credit card, there is a fee of 7.5 percent. There is also a fee of 10 percent for cryptocurrency sales. 

Service Provision 

All you need to enter the Local Coin crypto exchange is to have a crypto wallet which you can purchase right before the sign-up process through the ATM of LOcalCoin. This trading platform offers support for hardware, mobile, and website modes. 

There is also an option to scan a QR code to get started with ATM. All you must do is select the total amount you want to buy; after choosing the total amount, you can enter the CAD bills. After inserting these bills, the purchase process will be completed automatically. After the completion, the coins will be transferred to the provided wallets. 

Transaction and Daily Limit 

The maximum amount for each transaction is 95 dollars. You can do transactions of around 5 thousand dollars without a KYC process. Only SMS verification is required to carry out the whole process. 

Notable Features 

The notable features of Local Coin are mentioned in the proceeding lines: 

  • This crypto exchange offers its support to Bitcoin and five renowned cryptocurrencies. 
  • It offers around 800 ATMS around the country for manual service provision. 
  • It supports hardware, website, and mobile applications connected to its wallets. 
  • It offers the facility of buying cryptocurrency with CAD bills (fiat currency). 
  • It offers easy navigation. 
  • The exchange offers its services for customer support through live chats and emails. 
  • It is one of the best options for experienced and beginners alike.  
  • Investors who want to purchase cryptocurrency with CAD bills or through credit cards can use their nearby ATM location provided by Local Coin. 

Beaver Coin 

It is one of the noncustodial Bitcoin exchanges that offers Canadians an automated setup for weekly purchases of Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. This platform offers their customers the facility of direct investment through their bank accounts. It is a setup based in Toronto, which will get its foundations in 2021. 

User-Friendly Exchange 

It has tagged itself as the most user-friendly Bitcoin exchange, which allows investors to purchase the required number of Bitcoins in merely three simple steps. While buying bitcoins through this platform, the users are offered two options. 

The first option is the smash buys. This is the process of a one-time purchase, which uses the Interac e-Transfer method. Through these recurring buys, the users have the facility of purchasing the bitcoins via their bank account in an automatic manner. 

Trading Fee 

The trading fee is estimated to be 3 percent for recurring purchases. The purchases are made through e-transfers, and smash pay costs around 1.5 percent. 

Notable Features 

The notable features of Beaver Coin are mentioned in the preceding the proceeding lines: 

  • It offers its support to Bitcoin. 
  • There is a feature of automatic selling/ buying on dollar averaging. 
  • It offers an easy account sign-up process and is noncustodial.  
  • It is a suitable option for people who want to bitcoins through recurring purchases.


Certain questions are always in the mind of the novice crypto trader, even going through much more material published on cryptocurrency. In this section, we have described the frequently asked questions in detail, which Canadian traders often ask in their search queries. Let’s go through these questions to find the appropriate answers to those queries.

Which is the best Canadian crypto exchange?

If you are looking for a crypto exchange based in Toronto, then BitBuy is one of the best. It is among the famous exchanges allowing cryptocurrency buying and selling through CAD bills via Canadian bank accounts. It is under regulatory compliance of the Ontario Securities Commission, one of the legal crypto trading platforms. The trade volume till the present date on this platform has crossed six billion dollars. It is currently offering its services to 4 million Canadian customers.

Which bitcoin trading platform in Canada offers legal services?

The supremacy of Bitcoin can be understood through the statement that crypto coins that are not bitcoins are called altcoins. This means that Bitcoin supremacy is on one side while all other crypto assets are introduced, evaluated, and newly introduced on one side.

Regarding the best Bitcoin exchange in Canada, there is no hindrance in saying that BitBuy offers the best services in Canada. This platform offers market-leading technology for security which includes robust security measures. They also provide the verification process, two-factor authentication, cold storage, and competitive fee structures. The quick trading on this platform offers speedy withdrawals and deposits. Some features allow the trade, sale, and purchase process as required.

Which crypto exchange offers the best crypto wallet in Canada/ Which wallet type is safest in Canada and why?

The crypto exchanges usually offer three kinds of wallets to their customers in Canada. The first is a hot wallet, operated online, with many more chances of theft and fraudulent activities. The second type is cold wallets, which are more secure. Cold wallets can be accessed and operated offline. The third type is custodial wallets. These wallets are under the crypto exchange’s control, and users have no access to their private keys for operation. There is always permission from the crypto exchange for operating these kinds of wallets.

When it comes to crypto wallets than there is only one answer, Bitbuy is the only exchange that offers legal compliance and security at the same time. They are offering cold storage for the protection of users’ funds.

Which crypto exchange has the lowest trading fees?

There are many crypto exchanges that are offering their services at quite low fees. The lower the price is, the more benefit is acquired by the investor. Almost all crypto businesses in Canada charge fees for withdrawal. Amongst all the crypto exchanges, Bitbuy offers the lowest fee structure. It has the lowest prices for deposits, withdrawals, and trade purposes.

There is a fee for selling crypto ranging from zero to two percent. This fee ratio depends upon the trading volume. The more trading volume will be, the lower the trading fee will be. This process goes vice versa.

In the same manner, for withdrawals, there is a fixed cost of 1.5 percent. There will not be any harm in saying that certain crypto exchanges offer the same services for a lower fee structure. We prefer this crypto exchange because it provides the security of their investor’s funding and services on complete legal terms and conditions.

Which is a low-cost crypto exchange in Canada?

Bitbuy offers low-cost services among all the crypto exchanges in Canada. Its benefits are low-cost for investors with mega capital investments and high trading volumes. The trade volume and trading fee/ other charges are directly linked. The higher the trade volume, the lower the trading fee on this platform will be. The lower will be the trading fee, the higher will be the trading fees for the investors. This platform is usually liked by the mega capital investors making crypto trade in high volumes because of the low cost for high volume trades.

Which altcoin is considered best in Canada?

As mentioned in the previous question-answer session, all coins other than bitcoins are altcoins. When there is the question of which altcoin is offering the best services in Canada, the answer to this question is uncertain.

This uncertainty is because many crypto traders like to invest in stable altcoins that offer good returns over investment. Some altcoins have a bigger market. Many more exchanges provide a wide range of altcoins in their portfolio because the tale of altcoins is quite different. They are taken as a stable niche.

Due to the reasons mentioned earlier, you can find a wide list of stablecoins and altcoins listed on the portfolio of all crypto exchanges in Canada. This is due to the interest rate investors show for taking altcoins as more reliable and trustworthy than the altcoins.

Which crypto exchange in Canada is the most secure crypto exchange?

Before answering this question, some points should have the clarity to make it easier for our readers to know which factors make a crypto exchange a secure platform for investors to invest and save their lifelong savings in a crypto exchange.

Like the physical world, the crypto ecosystem contains security breaches, fraudulent activities, hacks, and other theft techniques. To avoid all such issues, crypto exchanges come under regulatory compliance and register themselves through the legal platform with the global and national security levels.

Additionally, these exchanges deploy high-end security measures to secure the fund’s transfers and detect fraudulent activities going on board. Apart from this, in case of any theft, fraudulent activity, or security breach, the detection and tracking of fraudsters is made possible when there is a full fledge regulatory compliance.

Keeping all these points in consideration, we have found that Bitbul is one of the most secure platforms which is offering all of the services mentioned earlier for its worthy customers for a while.