Next Cryptocurrency To Explode 2024   

Undoubtedly, cryptocurrency is making a promising one with rapid progress. There is a whole list of cryptocurrencies doing steady business. Among those doing regular business, some names were among one of the promising cryptocurrencies lists.  

You can take the example of Bitcoin. Bitcoin Cash is considered one of the best cryptocurrency projects in all crypto space. The supremacy of Bitcoin cash can be determined by the fact that all other crypto assets are known as altcoins except for Bitcoin.   

Crypto Market   

The crypto asset has a market cap. It is estimated that the crypto market cap has already exceeded the limit of 1.1 trillion dollars. There are a lot more investors who are actively investing in cryptocurrency projects. There is a sudden outburst of a crypto project, among others.  

This outburst is the main requirement for taking over the market. With the outbreak, the media and mass attention are diverted to the crypto community, and everyone wants to invest in a specific cryptocurrency. With huge investments comes the crypto coin’s colossal trade and price hike.   

Crypto Projects   

Many crypto enthusiasts, crypto traders and token holders are trying to figure out which blockchain is offering the prominent cryptocurrency which will explode the crypto industry in no time.

It is unsurprising that may projcets , including the most promising cryptocurrency, are highly volatile. This volatility can quickly make the most stable coins and big-hit cryptocurrency market into shit-coin.   

Reasons Of Volatility   

Despite all volatility, some cryptocurrency projects, crypto coins and tokens still manage to keep their price while maintaining the market demand. The main reason behind this volatility is that the crypto trends keep changing, and crypto exchange allows the prices to fluctuate.Additionally, the surge of novel, innovative new cryptocurrencies is increasing daily. These surging cryptocurrencies have the potential to make themselves the big crypto of all.   

Meme Coin   

Volatility is a reason for cryptocurrency’s downfall but also a reason to rise to the top. This is why investors like to invest in surging digital assets. The multiple investments in the surging digital support only increase your portfolio and make the chances higher that you can win/ lose the cryptocurrency in no time. Let’s understand this phenomenon with the help of an example.   

Bitcoin was nothing at the start of its career. The same was the case with Ethereum. Both get a price hike through volatility. Now they are regarded as one of the prime crypto assets among others. The same is the case with meme coins.  

Meme Coin Examples  

One name becomes remarkable among so many crypto projects, now known as meme coin. Meme coin was based on meme sharing and gathering coins. This idea was ridiculed, but later the whole crypto market saw the rise of meme coins which was quite a surprising fact that any novel idea could succeed if it got media attention.  

Doge Coin and Wall Street memes are the new meme coin names which has shown good performance in the cryptocurrency presale phase. In this way, Wall Street memes presale and meme tokens of Doge coin are prime examples of this.

These meme tokens presale price was not high and the decentralized autonomous organization has offers exclusive payment method in this project.  

What Decentralized Exchange Offer To Crypto Investors  

Now almost all the promising projects offered by the decentralized autonomous organizations or by centralized/ decentralized exchange offer the cryptocurrency project having native crypto, free bonus tokens, initial low token price, free bonus coins, decentralized finance, AI technology, non-fungible tokens, native cryptocurrency, smart contracts, crypto wallet along with a lot more token supply of native token to make their coin the next crypto to take over the crypto world.   

Features, Applications and Up To Date Services 

The new digital coins entering the market offer various applications and features. These features and applications have a lot more value when combined with the automation of their exchange.   

Many new cryptocurrencies offer the minimum bureaucracy, which deals with two parties without interference from any third party. Low transactional fees, governance token, utility coins, blockchain technology, own cryptocurrency exchange and strict and up-to-date security standards should always be remembered in this regard.   

Among all the features, the proof of stake consensus mechanism should be mentioned profoundly because it is one of the most eco-friendly and energy-efficient systems. There are new cryptocurrencies that are offering data mining and crypto mining applications on mobile.   

New projects in the crypto ecosystem come with the staking feature. This feature owns a lot more strength in the long run. The higher fundamental value of this feature offers a precise roadmap for the digital coin to accelerate its growth which can continue in the present year and have chances to go beyond the imagination in the upcoming year.  

If we take the example of Ethereum at this point, which has added new features generously, the net worth of Ethereum gets around 8 thousand dollars to ten thousand dollars by the fall of 2022.

Cryptocurrencies Having the Potential Of Exploding in 2024  

There is a complete list of cryptocurrencies that have the potential to explode in the upcoming years. We have compiled the whole list for the sake of our readers so they can have some advantage of our research. Let’s go through the list of cryptocurrencies that have the potential to overcome the crypto market.  

The first cryptocurrency in this list is named MultiverseX. It is also represented as EGLD. It is listed at the top due to its capacity for next-generation scaling.  

The second name in this list is stacks represented as STX. It is one of the hottest cryptocurrencies, which has the potential to explode while mingling Bitcoin with smart contracts. This combination can diversify and amplify the Bitcoin market.  

The third name in this list is Conflux. This is one of the cryptocurrencies of Asian markets. This currency can potentially explode due to its usage in Asian countries.  

The fourth position is secured by the Woo network, which has the symbol of WOO. This is one of the zero-fee cryptocurrency exchanges set to offer 100-time gains for investment and trade through their platforms.  

The fifth position is occupied by Ethereum, which has its native currency named Ether. It is one of the best cryptocurrencies to explode due to its advanced features.  

Ripple is the sixth cryptocurrency that has its native coin XR, P. It is regarded as the next cryptocurrency, with ten times more growth potential than the other cryptocurrencies in 2024.

ApeCoin secures the next position. This ApeCoin is the best pick for the most prominent altcoins that can potentially explode.  

Binance is the next cryptocurrency that has the potential to explode due to the exchange’s services and its native coin’s performance. The native currency for the Binance coin is known to be BnB.  

Solana secures the ninth spot. The native cryptocurrency is known as SOL. It is one of the best cryptocurrencies to explode for its blockchain performance and smart contracts technology.  

Cardano secures the tenth spot. The native coin for Cardano is known as ADA. It is known to be one of the best picks if the investor wants a secure blockchain.  

The eleventh spot is occupied by decentral and. The native coin for decentral is known as MANA. It is one of the most promising metaverse tokens with the potential to explode.  

UniSwap wins the twelfth position in this list. The native coin for UniSwap is known to be UNI. It is one of the best and most well-deserved cryptocurrency exchanges with the potential to explode.  

Shiba Inu secure the thirteenth position. It is a lesser-known yet one of the best cryptocurrencies. The native coin of this cryptocurrency is known as SHIB. It is one of the best meme coins, which has the potential to take the meme coin market over since its first introduction.  

Polkadot secures the fourteenth position. The native coin is known as DOT. It is one of the Ethereum killer cryptocurrencies with potential and chances of taking over the market ten times more than any other coin in the current year.  

Dogecoin occupies the fifteenth position. The native currency of this cryptocurrency is DOGE. It is considered one of the best meme coins, which becomes a millionaire crypto over a short period. It is also considered a millionaire maker coin.  

Avalanche is the sixteenth coin which has the native coin termed AVAX. It is one of the best altcoins to get the most significant return on investment in 2024.

The seventeenth crypto coin in this regard is named Algorand. It has its native cash as ALGO. It is one of the best-decentralised coins, which can increase in value next year.  

The final crypto coin in this is named Axie Infinity. It has its native cash as AXS. It is one of the peer-to-peer game tokens with a high and promising future. 


When we talk about which cryptocurrency has the potential to take over the cryptocurrency market, it is difficult to guess because volatility is the best friend and the worst enemy simultaneously.

Due to the volatile nature of cryptocurrency, it is impossible to rank a cryptocurrency at any point. When a cryptocurrency gets public recognition, it is easier to be among the top cryptocurrencies quickly.